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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hostess Brands, Inc.(1930-2012)

The snack food maker is shutting down for good in the midst of an costly and unsolvable workers' strike. The products may live on - Hostess should be able to sell its popular brands to other firms - but 18,500 jobs are about to go for good.

In a bit of poetic justice, the name of the bankruptcy judge is Robert Drain.

Update: Emperor Misha calls for consistency (emphasis and cuss words in original):

LC Gladiator says:

Funny, but werent we saying the exact same thing about GM (let it go bankrupt) and the LibTards had a cow?

Yes, we were, Glad, and as always we were exactly right.

We said, numerous times, that a business that can’t stay in the black doesn’t need to be in business, that they need to make room for a business that can. A business that, funnily enough, would also be able to provide far better jobs for their employees.

And we were met with the usual leftist swine (and I refuse to call them “liberals”, call the parasites by their proper name, dammit) mantras of “if we don’t bail out GM, those workers will never ever work again and this will crush our economy!!!!11!!!!” which is, of course, total and utter bullshit.

The leftist swine were trying to tell us that if GM stopped making GM cars, then the demand for GM cars would just auto-magically disappear and everybody would decide to either buy Japanese or walk to work. Right. Just like having the dairy industry take a kick to the shorts for being inefficient would suddenly make Americans, all 300 million of us, stop drinking milk.

And now Deej is telling us that Twinkies won’t go away just because Hostess is going away. He’s right, for once. They won’t. Somebody else, somebody who isn’t buried under an unsupportable union weight of paid vacations, plush pensions etc. WILL buy that trademark and continue to make them.

The question left for us is, then: Why are Twinkies so much different from Dodges, much like another good question for the leftist morons is “why is oil and gas, unlike every single other commodity in the world, exempt from the laws of supply and demand?”

The answer is: “Lefties are fucking morons and if they ever open their yaps, your smartest move is to assume that they’re lying.”

Here endeth the lesson.

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