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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Heroess - Season Finale

(Episode: Brave New World. Spoilers ahead.)

Eli's plan to take on Parkman, Sylar and Peter goes down in the books as the bad-guy dumb act of the entire series. His replicants can resist Matt's brain mojo since they're illusions with no mind - albeit with substance solid enough to handle knives. But the real Eli faces Sylar and Peter alone, and is summarily thrown across the room with telekinesis. The copies vanish as Eli is knocked out.

Matt initially refuses to allow Sylar to participate in the carnival rescue, but cooperates after the two share a mind meld. After they leave, he prepares Eli with a mission...

Claire and Bennett are rescued by Tracy; she tunnels to the trailer with her water power. Lauren awaits them on the surface, where a chopper arrives to bring them to New York.

In the hospital, Hiro receives a note from Charlie. She's in the same hospital, and in her seventies or eighties - Samuel had transported her to the WWII era. Hiro wants to change history, but she's got children and grandchildren, one of the latter Hiro meets (any of them with powers?). Hiro understands that he must leave her history alone. Ando gets a call from Bennett - they teleport to the carnival.

Sylar finds Emma, who is being coerced by Doyle into playing. Her job is to attract a crowd. Doyle manages to snag Sylar with his power for a few minutes, but Emma manages to unleash the ofensive capability of hers, channeling negative emotion into a force projection. Doyle loses his concentration, and Sylar uses his telekinesis to get the upper hand. At the end of the show, Sylar has immobilized Doyle (he must use physical gestures to use his unique form of telekinesis) by tying him up with strings of lights to two posts.

Samuel plans on buryig the attendes the way he buried that town - that's his big coming-out event. Claire tries to convince the carnies of this, and of his murder of Joseph. They don't believe her. But then Edgar speaks up - and Eli (thanks to Matt's autosuggestion) confesses to his role in the plot, to frame Bennett for killing Lydia. The carnies abandon Samuel.

Samuel goes on stage and starts the earth tremors. The audience flees. He is tackled by Peter, who immediately grabs his earth-moving powers. Outside, Hiro teleports all the carnies away from Central Park (a power boost from Ando necessary for that many people), robbing Samel of his power. He is arrested by police connected with the Company somehow (Lauren arranged it).

The press has been led to believe that a gas main rupture caused the tremors. But Claire impulsively decides to reveal her powers to the world. She climbs to a springboard dozens of feet into the air and plummets to the ground - and regenerates before live cameras.

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