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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Heroes - Can't Find My Way Home

(Episode: Close to You. Spoilers ahead.)

Hiro and Ando go to rescue "Dr. Watson" from a Florida sanitarium. As virtually all fans guessed, "Watson" is Mohinder Suresh, who Hiro had placed in Riverdale Psychiatric Hospital for his safety. As part of the plan, Hiro is admitted. Switching Mohinder's daily sedative allows him to use super-strength to break out.

As the three are running from searchers in the Everglades, Suresh gets the inspiration for Ando to use his ability to administer a dose of electro-shock therapy to unscramble Hiro's brain. In his current state he can't teleport, having lost his direction sense. The scheme works, and at the end of the show they pop into Bennett's apartment, where he and Lauren admit and express their affections for each other.

Bennett had a bad day. He got a lead on Samuel's childhood friend Vanessa. He contacted her, she refused to talk, or to even admit that she knows Samuel. Bennett decides to see her in person, and enlists and unwitting Matt Parkman to use his ability to make her cooperative.

She tells Bennett that Samuel had been stalking her. Her parents were the rich family in whose home Samuel's dad was one of the domestic servants - the house that Samuel destroyed in a sinkhole.

They try to set a trap, but Samuel uses his self-replicating friend to distract Bennett and Matt so he can get to her. The duo use some kind of GPS gizmo to track her (presumably by using her phone's transponder). The chase leads to an empty field; Samuel has used his power's rough equivalent of a teleport to move the teleport, just as he's been able to travel to places like California and, several weeks ago, that little Georgia town.

Lydia has the bright idea that Peter Petrelli can lead the carnival. She telepathically sends Peter a dream that reactivates his compass tattoo.

Emma uses her ability to draw Peter to her apartment with her music. He sees the compass design on the cello. He shows the moving compass tattoo, and the two go to his place, where he shows a photo of Samuel. Angela drops in for a visit, and recognizes Emma from a dream.

Angela privately tells Peter that she will be used to kill "thousands" with her cello playing, and that someone other than Peter can rescue her from that fate. She won't reveal the dream, so Peter absorbs her ability. His dream offers no details except the identity of that other: Sylar.

Having learned nothing about scheming from his parents, Peter impulsively goes to Emma's and smashes her cello. She naturally tells him to get lost.

Where will Emma get her next cello? Will Parkman play hero more often, or listen to his wife and stay out of the saving-the-world business? When will we ever find out what Lauren's power is? Does Hiro have any more righting-wrongs missions? What is the "beautiful thing" Samuel is about to show Vannessa - that once-desolate valley, or something else? Will Peter have any dreams about how to conduct a proper conspiracy? Stay tuned.

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