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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Heroes - Family Time

(Episode: Thanksgiving. Aired last week. Spoilers ahead.)

Bennett hosts his first thanksgiving. The guests are Claire, his old Company co-worker Lauren (who he meets at the grocery store), his ex-wife and her youngish boyfriend. Claire wants to drop out of college. During the argument Claire impulsively takes a knife to her arm in front of Doug. He faints. Later Sandra says she has an explanation to convince Doug he didn't see what he saw.

Bennett has a surprise for Claire - ex-roomie Gretchen shows up after the incident. Seems she's still at the college after all, just in a different dorm room. She's not so scared about Claire's adventures now, and wants to move back in.

After almost everyone leaves, Bennett shows Claire the compass from the safe deposit box that Edgar Sullivan tried to seize. Claire secretly steals it. She drives off with Gretchen, intending to follow the compass to the carnival. Gretchen bravely consents.

Angela brings Thanksgiving dinner to Peter's. The guys confront her about the truth about Nathan/Sylar. She eventually fesses up. Sylar's personality returns, but only for a time; as he begins to cut Angela's head the Nathan personality fights back, using Sylar's own electrical power to shock him. Nathan reemerges, and flies out a window.

At the carnival, Hiro confronts Samuel about their agreement as the latter watches the Chandra Suresh film. Samuel won't budge. Edgar overhears, and asks Lydia why Hiro didn't save Joseph when he fixed the past for Samuel.

Lydia and Hiro talk. She wants him to take her to the night of Joseph's murder. They discover that Samuel killed him out of rage for withholding the film reel that explains his earth powers. They return to the present. Samuel sees a twig in Lydia's hair and silently surmises that she and Hiro saw the murder.

At the dinner table Samuel announces that a traitor killed Joseph - Edgar. Hiro freezes time without freezing Edgar before a small rock can do a Lee Harvey Oswald on the back of Edgar's head. Hiro convinces Edgar that Samuel must be stopped, but they need time, and Edgar must hide. He flees with super speed.

But Samuel knows the speed alone didn't save Edgar. He confronts Hiro later, and Damien uses on Hiro his memory manipulation power. Hiro sees a few memories flash; he exclaims, in Japanese, "Must rescue Watson... Beam me up, Scotty" - and vanishes.

When and where is Hiro? Who is Watson? Where is Sylar/Nathan? Where will Edgar go? What will Claire and Gretchen find at the carnival? Will she see Tracy there? Does Angela know a good doctor who doesn't ask nosy questions about frontal skull lacerations? Stay tuned.

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