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Monday, December 07, 2009

Heroes - Carnival Visit

(Episode: The Fifth Stage. Aired last week. Spoilers ahead.)

The title refers to the Kubler-Ross five stages of grief. Angela wants Peter to skip straight from the first stage (denial) to the fifth (acceptance) - Nathan Petrelli is really dead.

Peter's not ready, and he has a plan. He leaves the hospital with a bag full of tranquilizers - and the Haitian's power. He's off to find Sylar, but he doesn't have to do any looking. Using his changeling power to disguise himself as a black woman, Sylar finds him in the elevator.

They fight on the third floor, an abandoned part of the building under construction. Sylar quickly discovers that the tranquilizers were a ruse - the real weapon is the Haitian's power. They duke it out, and Peter eventually finds a nail gun. He thinks he can force Sylar to cede control to the Nathan mind. He eventually does.

Peter and "Nathan" go to a rooftop where they spoke in the first season's second episode. "Nathan" says he can't fight the Sylar mind any more, and jumps off the roof. Peter catches his wrist, but "Nathan" convinces him to let go. He falls, crashing into the top of a parked vehicle, and regenerates; Sylar stolls away, giving Peter a casual salute.

Bennett invites Lauren over. He discovers the compass is still missing, and figures out who has it. Bennett leaves a message on Claire's cell phone. Lauren whips out a laptop and uses CIA resources to track her cell phone's location - she and the carnival are in Ohio.

Bennett tells her about their close brush with starting an affair. Lauren doesn't remember, because she had the Haitian wipe her memories of the events.

They are interrupted by Samuel's new right-hand man, who has the ability to project illusory images of himself. One of the images vamishes when Bennett shoots it. When Bennett and Lauren go into the bathroom to recover more pistols, the guy makes off with his prize - Bennett's old Primatech bios on various mutants.

Claire and Gretchen tour the carnival. They visit Lydia; she uses her unique "fortune telling" to generate a tattoo of Claire and the caption "Indestructible girl." In the tattoo Claire appears to be wearing a cheerleader uniform. Lydia tells people about their desires, not their futures; my guess is that Claire's desire is to be emotionally "indestructible."

The two watch a ball toss carny. From their vantage they can see him making hand gestures as customers toss the ball - he is obviously using soem sort of telekinesis. A paunchy guy misses several tosses and walks away in a huff, while a little girl wins on the first try.

Samuel invites Claire and Gretchen to the backstage area. She briefly sees Eric Doyle, the puppet-master guy who had kidnapped Claire and her mom. He wants to have a chat with her later.Claire is coaxed into telling the carnies' children a story, after Samuel finishes telling one himself. Paunchy guy shows up and confronts Samuel for ripping him off, and throws a few punches. Claire exchanges some words with the irate customer. He breaks a bottle and takes a swipe at Claire's cheek. He watches the wound regenerate, and runs off in fear.

Claire decides to stay at the carnival a few days. As Gretchen drives away, viewers see paunchy guy lying in the bed of a pickup, probably dead. Samuel remarks to Lydia that it's not Claire he's after - he must be referring to Bennett, unless this subplot is more convoluted than we think.

The carnival's current location is a plot of land they've visited before, and where Samuel wants to build a permanent settlement for "his people" - including others with abilities who haven't discovered the carnival yet.

What is on Doyle's mind? What will Sylar do next? Will he continue to pose as Nathan and live the life of a US Senator? Will he still go after the Petrellis? Will Peter go after him? Stay tuned.

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