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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Heroes - Peter And Nathan's Excellent Adventure

(Episode: Brother's Keeper. Spoilers ahead.)

"Nathan" confides to Peter that he's worried about his weekend blackout. Peter is puzzled, but doesn't seem overly worried. The Haitian shows up and privately gives Peter a storage facility key - and warns him not to bring Nathan; he wants Peter to learn a secret. Peter disobeys and brings Nathan's anyway. The storage room contains a box - a casket, with the real Nathan's body.

(How long did Angela plan on keeping the body there?)

"Nathan" touches the body and gets a flash of the final death scene - Parkman and Sylar were present. They seek out Parkman, learning that he tried to commit "suicide by cop," and is in critical care and under guard in Midland. They go, and Peter aids Parkman's recovery with his healing power.

Matt tells them the real story about Nathan's death, and warns "Nathan" not to touch him. The Sylar mind takes over Parkman and tries to convince "Nathan" otherwise. A cop shows up, and in the scuffle "Nathan" and Matt make brief physical contact. The Sylar mind has returned to his original body, but "Nathan" is still in the driver's seat.

"Nathan" and Peter fly out a window (Peter grabs the flying ability, thus losing the healing power), and "Nathan" wrestles with the awful truth. Meanwhile, Matt escapes, using mind mojo to convince a cop he's dead. So let me get this straight - the cops will report that Parkman died, and his body disappeared somehow?

Tracy discovers the hard war that anxiety attacks make her lose control over her power. She freezes a cup, nearly herself in a previously-warm bathtub (while visiting Bennett's, and finding Claire there) and Claire herself. Tracy accidentally breaks off a foot, but Claire regenerates it back before it can be thawed and replaced.

Tracy considers running off to the Sullivan Carnival, and chats with Samuel late in the show. He has in mind some undisclosed-to-viewers mission involving her power...

Eight months ago, Mohinder had discovered a film from his father's Coyote Sands gig. Samuel Sullivan was born at the compound. A film reel reveals that the imminent presence of others with abilities magnifies Samuel's own powers. His brother Joseph, who Mohinder visits, knew of this and worked to keep his brother from finding out.

But Samuel eavesdrops on the conversation. Samuel visits Mohinder's motel room while he is burning the film reel. Out of spite Samuel telekineses pebbles into Mohinder's chest like a shotgun blast, killing him.

At least that's how the scene went until Hero changed history. At present-day Samuel's instruction, re retrieves the film reel and replaces it with another. After Samuel leaves, Mohinder finds that he's wearing a kevlar vest - Hiro witnessed the attack in his first attempt to time-travel to the room (missing the planned time by ten minutes).

To keep Samuel from getting wise, Mohinder must disappear. But Mohinder doesn't want to - so Hiro forces the situation by arranging his institution at a sanitarium under an assumed name, along with a prescription of constant medication that keeps Suresh half-conscious. Hiro is good at imprisoning people - recall how he boxed up Adam Monroe for a time. Hiro dutifully delivers the film to Samuel, but he's not ready to free Charlie just yet...

Hold on a sec...Samuel thinks he kills Mohinder in a motel room, his death doesn't make the papers - and Samuel isn't suspicious? Maybe he thinks Angela's cabal found him before anyone else did.

What mission does Samuel have for Tracy? What will be Hiro's next errand? When will Sylar get his mind back? Will the Sylar mind have conversations with a ghost Nathan, like his previous exchanges with Matt? What alias will Matt assume, now that he's officially dead and missing? Will Micah and Monica ever show up this season? What will Claire do with that frozen foot? Stay tuned.

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