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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Heroes - Excursion In Texas

(Episode: Once Upon a Time in Texas. Spoilers ahead. The episode revolves around several Season One episodes; to refresh your memory refer to the Heroes Wiki article on Charlie Andrews.)

Hiro has gone back in time to save Charlie from Sylar, arriving just hours - if that - before the incident. He encounters another surprise visitor from his time frame: Samuel, who warns Hiro that while changing history can avoid the "butterfly effect," precautions must still be made. On separate occasions he gets Past Hiro to go back in time to Charlie's birthday party, to preserve their first meeting. He also gets Ando to stay at the diner and wait for past Hiro's return; IIRC, it was nighttime when Hiro got back.

In the diner's back room, Hiro freezes time (in a pretty huge radius) just as Sylar is about to attack. He loads Sylar into a bus and then goes back to Charlie. She's safe from Sylar, but not from her tumor.

Hiro seeks help from an unlikely source: Sylar. (Note that the two have not met yet, in unaltered history.) Hiro tracks Sylar down, uses his ability to avoid Sylar's telekinetic attacks, and makes a deal: he will tell Sylar his future if he fixes Charlie. Sylar agrees. He is able to arrest the tumor with telekinesis without seeing it, or even opening her skull; his intuitive aptitude ability is not visual in nature. Charlie's tumor is healed. Hiro lives up to his end of the bargain, telling Sylar in vague terms that he will kill lots of people but in the end he will die alone. (Hiro does not know about the Sylar/Nathan masquerade.)

While this is going on, Bennett is investigating the Sylar murders with Lauren, someone we've never met before. Because Company policy was always "one of us, one of them," she is undoubtedly a mutant; we never see her ability. Both discuss openly the idea of having an affair, but they nip their temptations in the bud; Bennett hopes to tell his wife and children some day about his dual life.

Charlie and Hiro argue about his changing the past; she is horrified that he must keep Sylar alive to keep time from going "kablooey." They eventually reconcile as she begins to accept the events.

She leaves the diner, Hiro follows, and finds she's not there - but Samuel is, and he says he's taken Charlie to the present-day carnival - where the two wind up shortly after Hiro shoves Samuel.

The ailing time-traveling carny Arnold is now dead, suffering the same brain hemorrhages as Hiro. He had pulled off two missions: sending Samuel back to Texas, when and where he knew Hiro would eventually wind up, and sending Charlie to a time and place that only Samuel knows about. She is being held hostage, to coerce Hiro into undoing certain past events.

The last scene flashes back eight weeks into the past; Samuel apologizes to Mohinder Suresh, who lies dead in a carnival trailer. Evidently Joseph Sullivan, the man whose funeral opened the season, is not the only fatal casualty Samuel wishes to undo...

How did Suresh get involved with the carnival? How did he get killed? How did Joseph get killed? How will Hiro react when he meets present-day Sylar at the carnival? Will he grasp Sylar's amnesia, and take advantage of it to have Sylar "operate" on his own tumor? Will Lauren resurface? When and where is Charlie? Does she get to eat pancakes for breakfast? Stay tuned.

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