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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Heroes - Night Of The Living Sylar

(Episode: Hysterical Blindness. Spoilers ahead.)

Peter and Emma, each in their own way, have disconnected themselves from the outside world. We already know his struggles. Emma blames herself for a yet-unexplained death. The two meet again, as Peter saves her from getting run over by a bus - and absorbs her ability.

(Due to last season's events he can absorb only one power at a time, which means he lost Edgar's super-speed.)

They meet again, as a children's chorus sings the theme to The Greatest American Hero. He tells her about people with abilities, and she seems to eventually believe him. He asks her out, and she shies away.

Later at home she discovers that her ability can be used as a weapon - the lights from her cello playing crack the wall in her apartment when she gets angry.

Peter gets a visit from ailing Hiro in his last scene. If the plot is consistent, Peter now has Hiro's time-travel power.

Meanwhile, Claire and Gretchen visit Mrs. Bennett's old sorority. During a conversation a flagstaff nearly misses a girl Claire is talking to; Gretchen is the only one near the flag. Afterward, Claire confronts Gretchen with an earlier discovery - her obsession with Internet pages about Claire and about Annie's death.

Gretchen knows she's suspected of having to do with the flagstaff mishap, and she denies it. She does confess to being absorbed with Annie's death - and to having a crush on Claire. She kisses Claire, and before they can say anything about what just happened the sorority gals show up to announce that both have been accepted.

Samuel is plotting to separate heroes from the rest of the world and bring them to his fold. We learn through flashbacks his agent regarding Claire: sorority official Becky, this season's Person Who Deserves To Be Bitten By Mr. Muggles. Becky can turn invisible. She's been socially isolating Claire from her rooommates, pushing Annie out the window and creating wedges between Claire and Gretchen. Becky dropped the textbook that drew Claire's attention to Gretchen's surfing, and dropped the flagstaff to draw suspicions toward Gretchen.

The "Stepford" quip about the sorority is more right than Gretchen realizes...

Sylar emerges from his would-be grave. A cop sees him. A disoriented guy in dirt-covered clothes and a bloody t-shirt with a bullet hole in it kinda looks suspicious, so he's taken in. Sylar has amnesia, most of his consciousness currently residing in Los Angeles. A psychologist, Madeline, tries to coax memories, with little success. The arresting officer sends her away, and informs Sylar that they found his police records - Gabriel Gray, wanted for murdering his mother. Under stress, Sylar uses force projection to slam the cop through the glass barrier. He escapes, and hijacks Madeline's car with her at the wheel.

They eventually stop, and she talks him into surrendering. Police cars show up, and the pull guns. Sylar's hands start sparking, and they shoot him in the chest. The force throws Sylar into Madeline, and both tumble down the hillside. She witnesses his regeneration ability and tells him to run. The cops pursue with dogs (unaware of her abetting his escape), and eventually lose his trail; undoubtedly the dirt with Sylar's scent is manipulated by someone who can do that sort of thing. Sylar stumbles across the Sullivan carnival where Samuel welcomes him to his "new home."

Will the writers get it right and have Peter absorb Hiro's power? Will he absorb a properly-functioning time travel ability, or the messed-up version that's slowly killing Hiro? Will Gretchen be too terribly disappointed when and if she finds out that Claire likes kissing guys (like she did when she was hiding in a swimming pool last season)? How will Becky separate the two if they're part of the same sorority? Will Angela have some prophetic dreams about Nathan/Sylar's fate? Will Fox News report rumors that Nathan is secretly meeting with a secret girlfriend in South America? Stay tuned.

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