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Monday, October 05, 2009

Heroes - The Lunatic Is In My Head

(Episode: Ink. Spoilers ahead. This episode aired last Monday.)

During a drug bust Matt discovers that Sylar can use Matt's own powers - against Matt, who hallucinates evidence of a child kidnapping and murder. Fortunately Matt can use his mojo to make his partner (and the suspect) forget what happened. But now he knows he can't be sure what's real and what's not while Sylar is in his head.

Claire eventually lets Gretchen in on the secret, and Bennett comes to trust Claire to handle Gretchen on her own.

A new hero emerges - Emma, a deaf woman who sees sound waves as pretty colors. Others do not see the colors.

Samuel undertakes his mysterious mission to meet Peter, posing as fictional accident survivor William Hooper. A process server brings papers to Peter; "Hooper" claims Peter's bravery dislocated his shoulder. The two meet twice; in the hospital, and later in the park, where after a somber conversation about grieving "Hooper" drops the case and shakes Peter's hand. Before the second meeting Samuel sneaks into Peter's apartment and "photoshops" himself into a news photo of the accident, having supplied himself with a batch of ink before his trip into the city.

Samuel proceeds to visit a mansion, and asks the lady of the house if he can take a look around the cottage; his parents were once household servants. The lady politely refuses. Later, Peter and other rescue workers arrive on the scene; the mansion has been completely engulfed in a sinkhole. Samuel watches from the shadows as Peter discovers a tattoo on his arm (undoubtedly from ink transmitted by Samuel's handshake) - a wildly spinning compass.

Will Peter remember the real-life compass that behaved in the same manner? How long will they drag out the purpose of Samuel's mission? Will Emma's cat ever cross paths with Mr. Muggles? Stay tuned.

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