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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Andrew Sullivan Is Unhinged, Too

Yeah, I know. That headline belongs with James Taranto's "Bottom Stories of the Day."

Sully quotes a grammatically-impaired reader:

That quote by Michelle Malkin that you posted describing the killing of Tiller as "terrorism" wasn't by Michelle. It was a quote from a post on some other blog and she linked to Google. She didn't call it terrorism. In fact, she was basically pulling the "oh NOW the left uses the word 'terrorism'" card. Just didn't want you giving her credit for something she didn't actually do.

Sullivan had given her an Yglesias Award nomination for this:

"Late-term abortion doctor George Tiller was gunned down at his church in Kansas Sunday morning in a thoroughly evil, cold-blooded act of domestic terrorism. Yes, terrorism. Not 'extremism,'"

The Malkin article in question is here. What threw off the reader - and Sully - was the sentence immediately following that excerpted in the Dish:

Interesting how the t-word has been rediscovered.

First, the reader is misrepresenting facts about the origins of her quote. I did a Google search on the exact phrase "thoroughly evil, cold-blooded act of domestic terrorism." The results clearly show that Malkin is the originator of the quote.

Second, one like Malkin can both believe that the Tiller shooting was terrorism AND note the resurgence of the word "terrorism" in the media.

Third, please take note of the definition of the Yglesias Award: its purpose is (emphasis added)...

"for writers, politicians, columnists or pundits who actually criticize their own side, make enemies among political allies, and generally risk something for the sake of saying what they believe."

Andrew Sullivan insinuates that a guy who murders an abortionist is representative of the conservative majority. Sully should win his own Moore Award.

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