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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Lost - Season Five Finale

(Episode: The Incident. Spoilers ahead.)

Instead of a full-blown review I'll link to this seven-page article that one of my churchmates sent. I do have a few musings, though.

The Flight 815 survivors got caught in the middle of a war between DHARMA and the Others, and between the Others and renegade Charles Widmore, who in turn had been caught in the middle of a war between Jacob and Nameless Guy. Cue the Twilight Zone music...

Something I just out: "Jughead" is yet another Hurley number reference. The bomb is Mark 16 nuclear bomb. But wait, there's another! According to the Operation Castle Wikipedia entry, "Jughead" yielded 8 megatons.

Stuff we don't still know: Alpert's origins. (Was he on the Black Rock?) Jacob's and Nameless Guy's origins. How DHARMA found the island. Clues as to why Radzinsky will doctor the Swan orientation film.

Stuff we do know: Radzinsky and Chang are not on good terms. Chang indeed loses his arm in the Incident. Eloise Hawking of 1977 is pregnant with Daniel. (Gad, I hope it's Daniel and not some sibling he's never been told about.) The "Locke" who rose from the dead is an impostor. Jacob has traveled to and from the island many times. Jacob wanted Hurley on Ajira Flight 316. Ilana's people are working not for Widmore or DHARMA or the Others but for Jacob!!!

Stuff we can guess: Chang will stick Radzinsky into mind-numbing Swan duty as reward for his recklessness.

Wild speculation #1: If "Jughead" is one of those bombs where a conventional explosion triggers the thermonuclear explosion, I'm speculating that Sayid tampered with it to disable the latter but not the former. That would carry out Miles' prediction that Jack was fulfilling history instead of changing it.

Wild speculation #2: The real Locke isn't going to stay dead. In this episode Ben recalls what the Monster, in the guise of Alex, had ordered: to do everything that Locke says. I think Smokey knows the real Locke from the fake, and that Ben will find himself taking the real Locke's lead in the final season.

Update: Two more things we don't know - Smokey's relationship with Jacob and Unnamed Guy, and how the Black Rock got marooned in the missle of the island.

Update: Jay Manifold informs me that nuclear bombs come with a failsafe self-destruct mechanism that blows up the bomb without triggering a nuclear explosion. I think Sayid rigged this mechanism - and that the combination of scattered radioactive elements and the electromagnetic anomaly will cause the phenomenon that affects pregnancies on the island.

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