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Monday, May 04, 2009

Lost - Predestination Or Free Will?

(Episode: The Variable. Spoilers ahead.)

Daniel Faraday had long told the Lostaways that history can't be changed. But now he thinks it's possible. He plans to detonate the hydrogen bomb that had been buried years ago. This is intended to destroy the energy release that will accidentally be triggered several hours after his return to the island. Earlier in the episode Faraday tried a Plan B, to convince Dr. Chang of the threat his construction crew will trigger. Didn't work, of course.

If Faraday is successful the Flight 815 crash will have never happened, which means Widmore's freighter team will never be sent, which means Charlotte will not die on the island. Faraday feels cranked-to-eleven guilt over his experiment that permanently incapacitated a female test subject.

But the producers told us long ago that time paradox will not be introduced to the show - and I think they're sticking to their promise. This will not be a six-year episode of Star Trek: Voyager. I'm sticking with my prediction that Faraday will inadvertently cause the Incident he's trying to prevent, in which case he'll wind up Hurley's old room at the Santa Rosa asylum.

For this to happen, he has to survive a gunshot wound...

Why did he go into the Hostiles camp brandishing a gun? Doesn't he know that it's a really bad idea to look threatening amidst a bunch of heavily armed folks? Did he never watch The Day The Earth Stood Still?

And when and how and where and why did Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore become a couple???

One piece of the puzzle falling into place is Radzinsky. He's the one who doctored the Swan orientation film - obviously against DHARMA wishes. Something will weaken his loyalty to DHARMA and/or his trust in its competence, and his prisoners Sawyer and Juliet will play a role. Maybe out of desperation they'll tell him the truth, and scramble for a way to convince him of it.

With Jack, Kate, and Daniel in the jungle, that leaves Hurley, Jin and Miles at the camp. What's their next move? Sayid is somewhere in jungleville. And whatever happened to Rose and Bernard? Did they and a few others manage to survive?

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