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Saturday, May 09, 2009

Lost - Coutndown To The Incident

(Episode: Follow the Leader. Spoilers ahead.)

So, Faraday did die from the gunshot wound. I'll have to change my prediction: Jack will cause The Incident, in his attempt to carry out the mad time scientist's mission.

Kate will have none of it and tries to leave. A Hostile is about to shoot her, but Sayid kills the guy first. Alpert, Mrs. Hawking, Jack and Sayid head for the tunnels where the hydrogen bomb has been hidden. Kate goes back to the Barracks, where she is captured and put on the sub with Sawyer, Juliet and the evacuees.

Earlier, Dr. Chang had located Miles, Hurley and Jin, and got from them the truth that they're from the future. Chang takes their counsel and orders the evacuation. But Radzinsky is armed and insists on carrying out the drilling that's supposed to release that electromagnetic energy that will trigger the Incident.

Present-day Alpert says he had witnessed the deaths of Sun's friends in the past. (Not necessarily all of them, as three are handcuffed inside a sub.) But does what he thinks he sees really happened? What will become of Hurley, Jin and Miles? And Jack?

Locke is a man with a mission. He first leads Alpert to the place where Past Locke had met Alpert during the time shifting, to fulfill the history of that encounter that Locke remembers. Next he's rounded those Others at the beach and has talked Alpert into leading them all to Jacob. Locke confides to Ben that he intends to kill Jacob.

The two-part season finale is May 13. I can hardly wait.

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