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Friday, April 17, 2009

Lost - Miles In The Past

(Episode: Some Like It Hoth. Spoilers ahead.)

It's now Miles' turn at the continuing theme of less-than-satisfactory father relationships. He grew up in the States raised by his mother. Supposedly his father had abandoned the family, but considering that dad is Dr. Chang/Marvin Candle, I'm not sure that that's the true story. I predict that the Incident will increase the overall level of danger on the island, and that Candle will send his family away for the sake of their safety.

The episode gives us a strong hint as to the cause of the Incident: it will involve the Swan Station's incipient construction. I think it will also involve future Daniel Faraday, who had departed the island after Team Sawyer had joined DHARMA, and who has now returned. Recall that the hatch implosion several seasons back had sent Desmond's mind into a temporal rift where he met Mrs. Hawking; it makes sense that someone who tinkers with time travel might be responsible for messing up the Swan site.

What is Candle covering up? How did that guy die?

In the flashbacks, we see bits of Miles' ghostbusting career and his recruitment by Naomi on behalf of Widmore. We also see a vanload of guys led by Ajira passenger Bram who try to talk Miles out of his upcoming gig. Ilana's comrades are not working for Widmore, or for Ben. With only one season to go, they've just introduced a new faction fighting over this island! Or maybe it's an old one - maybe Ilana and Bram are with DHARMA. Or maybe they're with Mr. Paik, Sun's dad who's been ignored by the show for some time...

Sawyer's infiltration of DHARMA has just hit a crisis. Phil's seen the security tape - proving that he absconded with Ben Linus. Sawyer punches the guy out, and now he's got to hide a DHARMA prisoner. Meanwhile, Roger Linus is getting suspicios of Kate's concerns about Ben, and wonders if she's got something to do with his disappearance.

This is the year of Star Wars, and Hurley is trying to change history by writing an improved script for The Empire Strikes Back. He's thinking ahead to Episode VI, too. Quote of the episode: "Face it, Ewoks suck, dude."

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