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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Heroes - Season Finale

(Episode: An Invisible Thread. Spoilers ahead.)

Hiro manages to rescue his fellow mutants from Building 26. But every use of his time-freezing ability is injuring him. Suresh somehow has insight into this; probably Hiro's body is rejecting the artificial power boost the way Mohinder's body rejected the flawed synthetic abilities serum.

Sylar was indeed able to move his vulnerable spot with his power. He frames Danko, convincing the agents that he's Sylar in disguise. After being imprisoned with Bennett (who gets captured at a roadblock, but not before dropping off Claire and ANgela so they can escape), Danko realizes Bennett was right about needing mutant allies to chase the dangerous mutants.

Sylar has a plan to take the place of the President. He captures Claire for a while and battles the Petrelli brothers, which is a trap - it allows Peter to come into direct contact with Sylar and copy his shape-shifting ability. Sylar is eventually able to get to his quarry, but in the limo the President turns out to be a Peter, who jabs Sylar with a tranquilizer that not even regeneration ability can dissipate rapidly.

Beofre that meeting with destiny, Sylar has another fight with Nathan and slits the senator's throat. Nathan is dead when Angela and Matt find him. Angela had a dream that Matt would "save" Nathan somehow, and she now has a plan that everyone agrees to reluctantly: Matt uses his power to brainwash Sylar into thinking he's Nathan. Someone remarks that "100 Dankos" would be on the loose if it got out that a mutant killed a US Senator.Sylar subconsciously morphs into Nathan.

In the preview for next season, "Nathan" is getting his first hints of Sylar's natural ability (didn't Angela think this would eventually happen?), and Tracy, who can take the form of water, is on a murder spree, out to get all the Building 26 agents. A newscast reports "mysterious drownings," revealing her modus operandi. No doubt she'll eventually hunt down Danko next season.

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