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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Heroes - Identity Crisis

(Episode: I Am Sylar. Spoilers ahead.)

Sylar wakes up and finds himself morphed as the Federal agent whose identity he's been assuming for the purpose of working with Danko. The shape-shifting ability is unstable, even during waking hours; Sylar tells Danko about one eye turning a different color for a time. Danko suggests that Sylar needs an "anchor," some object that connects with his true past.

Sylar uses his faux government position to acquire his mother's effetcs. As he can read someone's past from contact with their persons or belongings thanks to one stolen ability, he is able to understand his mother perfectly - and in Norman Bates fashion acts out her part.

He steals yet another power in this episode, the ability to make stuff disintegrate. He and Danko discover the victim's phone - with a text message from Rebel. They track him down to a nearby location. (Why does a mutant computer hacker have to be in DC to do his stuff?) Sylar goes in first, secretly, and Rebel/Micah tries to turn Sylar from the dark side of the force. Sylar decides to help Micah escape. Posing as a fleeing Micah, he rins to the riverfront, is shot in the back with a tranquilizer dart, falls into the water, and is presumed dead. Micah sees Sylar again, witnesses the Bates-like exchange with his mother, and Sylar runs him off.

Meanwhile, Hiro has a plan - to find the bad guys' lair by getting captured. Ando is railroaded into becoming the bait; he is captured, and Hiro takes the place of one of the guards, stealing his uniform while the gang is time-frozen. They don't quite make it to the Feds' HQ; while en route in a truck, one of the other guards gets suspicious. Ando sees the guy reaching for a taser, and uses his powers to subdue the agents. The discovery of a GPS tracker gives them a Plan B for finding Building 26. But suddenly Hiro gets a headache and starts bleeding at the nose. Wait a minute - I saw this on Lost, and that had to do with temporal anomalies...

Nathan goes to his office and finds Sylar. After some unfriendly words Sylar is about to perform inlicensed brain surgery on the Senator, but Danko arrives in time to administer two tranq darts. Sylar hints at his immediate future plans, supported by earlier scenes involving "conversations" with his mother: that he intends on assuming the identity of the President. Danko thrusts a knife in Sylar's vulnerable spot, but Sylar recovers. This must be tied to his morph ability - either he can "move" his Achilles' heel (Achilles' brain tissue, more accurately), or the morph power provides some sort of automatic defense.

Matt has gone to return his son to his ex-wife, and to help them escape, expecting the Feds to make another go at it. They do, and they're in another room out of sight, where Matt is probably planning some mind mojo trick. Agents are also closing in on Suresh, who is manually scrolling through the Project Icarus reel, and the car with Bennett, Claire, and Angela.

Will our heroes get away? What's wrong with Hiro? Does he need a recharge from Baby Parkman? Will Micah figure out that he can hack stuff from a distance, like Matthew Broderick in WarGames? Will President Sylar bring change we can believe in? Will he pay off the debt using that gold transmutation power he stole from Bob Bishop? Stay tuned.

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