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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Heroes - Go Ask Alice

(Episode: 1961. Spoilers ahead.)

In that year gone by, a secret government program (Project Icarus) had rounded up children with mutant abilities and brought them to Coyote Sands. Included were Angela and her sister Alice, then teenagers. Also among the detainees are young Bob Bishop, Daniel Linderman, and Charles Deveaux. Dr. Chandra Suresh is a chief physician, and Dr. Zimmerman (later responsible for giving synthetic abilities to Tracy and her fellow triplets).

Alice had not planned for an extended stay and did not pack any change of clothing; she often complains about not having any socks. (This explains Angela's neurotic penchant for shoplifting for socks later in life; it is one such incident that introduced Angela to the series.) Eventually she discovers that she can control the weather.

One night Angela and the three boys plot to sneak out and escape. The boys insist on leaving Alice behind, because the timid girl would "slow us down." They make it to a nearby diner, where they hear the weather sirens go off - they realize that it's Alice. At the compound, Suresh is trying to give Alice an injection. She is agitated, causes a windstorm, and a lightning bolt hits one of the guards. She flees, Suresh follows. A boy with force-projection powers reflexively uses his ability to knock down Alice's pursuer; a guard panics and shoots the boy, triggering (no pun intended) a camp-wide panic. The children are slaughtered. Angela convinces her friends that they must form a company, to hide their secret and to protect people like themselves.

At the diner we finally get to see Deveaux's ability - the same possessed by Maury and Matt Parkman, Sr. Able to read and redirect people's thoughts, Deveaux is more confident among white society than the average black youth of 1961.

In the present the Petrelli brothers, Bennett, and Mohinder Suresh manage to patch up their differences, as Angela discovers that Alice survived, and has been living in the area for 50 years. They collide at first and then make up - but everythign falls apart when Angela admits to lying about having a dream about Alice's safety. Alice leaves, and nobody can track her down.

Mohinder plans on staying in the area, evidently; Peter had found a movie reel labeled Project Icarus. The three Petrellis, Bennett and Claire plan to reinstitute the Company. While discussing the idea they see what looks like Nathan doing a press conference - they know instantly that it's Sylar.

Will Suresh encounter Alice, and help her overcome her bitterness? Will the new Company avoid the mistakes of its previous incarnation? Will Senator Sylar go after the Tea Party protesters? Stay tuned.

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