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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Heroes - Who's Rebel?

(Episode: Exposed. Spoilers ahead.)

So, Rebel isn't Peter or Parkman - but appears to be someone working at Building 26. Which would mean that Rebel was able to track Ando and Hiro to India without his/her superiors' knowledge.

Sylar finds a defunct diner and remembers a traumatic event that took place. As a boy his Dad took him there, sold him to Mr. and Mrs. Gray, returned to the car where his mom waited, got into an argument with her, and killed her with a telekinetic slash to the head. Now Sylar wants revenge, and he wants his annoying traveling companion to go home.

Hero of the week is Sandra Bennett, who prepares a fake ID for Claire's fugitive friend Alex Woolsley and successfully outwits agents Scully and Mulder (or whatever their names are) to aid his escape.

And surprise of surprises - Eric Doyle is alive! Somehow he survived that showdown with Sylar from last season's finale. And he's got a message from Rebel telling him to seek Claire's help.

Rebel leads the two to Building 26, and once they get telepathically get past security to a certain room Rebel supplies footage of the abducted mutants being led to an airplane. Peter gets away, but Parkman is apprehended.

Peter calls Nathan and demands a swap - Matt and Daphne for the incriminating footage. Danko won't go for it - he'll pretend to act on Peter's terms while actually leading him into a trap. Before Danko's team leaves Nathan reminds Bennett that Peter has Matt's telepathy. At the meeting place, Bennett warns Peter in his thoughts. Peter is winged by Danko's sniper rifle; he falls off the high-rise building top, Bennett and Danko advance, and they see Peter fly away.

(Since he retrieved his power he can copy only one power at a time, and physical touch is required. Obviously someone with supersonic flight ability was waiting for him to fall, and we know only one senator with that ability...)

Danko decides to fulfill Parkman's artwork prophecy with the old Reichstag Fire trick. He drugs Matt with something impairing lucidity and/or motor skills, straps a pipe bomb vest to him, and dumps him near the Capitol.

The video makes the news. Nothing about mutants, but the press will want to know who's being herded off in that plane.

Will Matt be rescued in time? Will Claire find Alex again for more underwater kissing? Will Peter find out where Daphne is? Will the ACLU and Mark Levin hammer the government with FOIA requests? Will Mr. Muggles finish that sandwich? Stay tuned.

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