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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Heroes - Family Tradition

(Episode: Shades of Gray. Spoilers ahead.)

Sylar finds his birth father. The elder Gray has the same intuitive ability that allows him to steal powers - and he's dying of cancer. During the visit he sees Sylar's regenerative ability, and attempts to steal it. Sylar gets the upper hand, and decides to let the cancer carry out his self-promise to kill his dad.

Nathan and a bunch of feds arrives on the scene where Parkman was dropped. As the telepathy-deadening anesthetic starts to wear off, Nathan gets Matt to search for the mind of a demolitions expert (one is certainly among the agents) and figure out how to disarm the bomb. At the home base, Danko orders the remote demolition - but Rebel hacks in. Danko eventually overrides Rebel, but Nathan pulls the black wire in time. No boom.

Danko suspects Nathan has an ability. Nathan manages to gain Tracy's confidence, so Danko gets no info from her. Nor from Angela - she denies his hints that Peter Petrelli inherited his power from her; she states that powers, just like other traits, can skip generations. She also mentions a mysterious past incident in Angola that Danko had "miraculously" survived.

Meanwhile, behind the scenes Nathan arranges to get Danko fired; his post will to Bennett. In a confrontation after that staff change, Danko shoots at Nathan, intentionally missing, and pushes him out a window to expose Nathan's flight ability. At the end of the show Danko goes home to his apartment, where Sylar awaits...

Claire refuses to help Doyle at first. She lands Alex's old job at the comic store, hoping to use it as a springboard for aiding the mutant resistance. While leaving she gets a text message from Rebel - Mulder and Scully are about to nab Doyle. Doyle manages to take care of the female agent, but Claire arrives to trip up the male agent, and Doyle escapes. At the end of the show Claire meets him in a park and supplies him with documents for taking on a new identity. She asks if he's sincere about wanting to go back to a normal life; he smiles and turns away.

At the end of the show, Rebel warns her that the free pass is up. Agents show up at her house, but she's fled - into the waiting arms of her birth dad.

Hiro and Ando arrive at an address, under Rebel's directions to save Matt Parkman. The Matt Parkman who lives there is not the guy we know but an infant, who a teenage baby sitter is glad to abandon to our heroes' care.

What happened in Angola? Does Danko have an ability? What will Sylar do to Danko? Where will Nathan take Claire? Will Doyle go on the straight and narrow? What's the deal with the baby? Where's Peter? Where's Molly? What that chardonnay or pinot blanc Angela was drinking? Stay tuned.

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