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Friday, February 06, 2009

Lost - Five Down, One To Go

(Episode: The Little Prince. Spoilers ahead.)

At the end, four of the Oceanic Six are together at the pier, and Sun waits nearby with a gun...

Turns out Ben is the one who sent the lawyers to Kate's, evidently a ploy to bring her out into the open. Why not take the direct approach, and approach her in unison with Jack as he should have done with Hurley?

At least he's fixed the jail problem - his lawyer assures that Hurley will be released in the morning.

But how does Ben plan to find the island in such a short timespan. Mrs. Hawking gave him 72 hours - as of last episode.

Meanwhile back at the island...the Lostaways bounce to three more time periods - the night of Aaron's birth and Boone's death, an unknown time (2005 or later, states Lostpedia) when assailants in dugouts attack the gang, and the day of Rousseau's first arrival to the island (in 1988).

Her team finds Jin alive - yay! - evidently he was clear of the explosion and close enough to the island to get sucked into the time warp. We learn that Rousseau was less thatn forthcoming about her arrival to the island. She hadn't mentioned that her team's boat was an emergency raft - some vessel she and her companions were traveling in had wrecked near the island.

Apparently an Ajira Airways airliner will crash near the island some time in the Lostaway's relative future - an Ajira logo is found on a water bottle found in a dugout. What persons will that flight bring to this weird isle?

Miles and Juliet are starting to get nosebleeds like Charlotte, physical effects similar to those encountered on the freighter last season. Daniel is convinced that only those who had visited the island in the past are vulnerable - but Miles says he's never been there before, and the Oceanic survivors are unaffected and have been there for months.

Maybe the nosebleeds are affecting only those who visited the island during a certain timeframe well before the Flight 815 crash. Or perhaps the effect is hitting people in the order of their first arrival. Thats holds with implications that Charlotte was born on the island. If this theory holds, the Oceanic survivors will be affected at about the same time, and Faraday last of all. It would also mean that Miles had first visited the island at a time not long before Juliet joined the Others - he started getting nosebleeds a little before she did. Miles denies it. Maybe he's lying, or maybe there's something about his own past that Miles doesn't know...

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