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Friday, February 13, 2009

Lost - Ben Linus Is Still An Idiot

(Episode: This Place is Death. Spoilers ahead.)

Ben had five of the Oceanic Six in one spot, and couldn't keep them together. It didn't occur to him to come right out and say YOUR FRIENDS ARE GONNA DIE IF WE DON'T GET EVERYONE BACK TO THE ISLAND. Now all he can bring to Madame Hawking are two.

And one drop-in - Desmond. What does he have to add to this plot twist? Recall that he met Mrs. Hawking when his mind jumped to the past after the Swan hatch implosion.

Charlotte has gone to that great DHARMA hatch in the sky. It was inevitable; she was too far along to be saved. But it looks like we'll be seeing her again in a later time jump; while dying she said to Faraday that when she was young he had told her to never return to the island. We should discover in a future episode the circumstances of her childhood on the island.

Rousseau's dishonesty has been one of omission. She was on the level about the (presumed) infection that drove the others in her party to madness. (The ones that survived Smokey, that is.) She did indeed sail to the island. But she came in an emergency raft, with a group armed like commandos. Will we see her again?

Rousseau believes the men were infected when they went in the temple. The temple may indeed be connected with their madness - but was the culprit really an infection, or something else?

The trek to the Orchid station leads to a well, through which Locke enters a tunnel that leads to the frozen chamber where Ben moved the island and teleported himself. Christian Shepherd informs Locke that Locke was supposed to move the island, not Ben. Ben caused the temporal rift by busting through a wall separating the Orchid station from the frozen chamber. He obviously didn't know there was another way in; Locke should have used the Force to discover the well instead of trusting Ben.

Now the show has branched into three different timelines - the island, the present day Oceanic Six, and Locke's arrival. It appears that Locke's post-island activities will be confined to a single episode.

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