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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Heroes - You Better Run

(Episode: Trust and Blood. Spoilers ahead.)

Nobody seems to have died from the plane crash itself. The heroes evade the authorities for a while. Matt goes into a precog trance and cranks out a few drawings, one showing Daphne getting shot near the plane wreckage.

She was not one of the prisoners; Matt's disappearance led her to seek Hiro and Ando, finding the latter at Hiro's hideout (he had told her about it). Hiro's GPS implant tells them where to go (in Arkansas), and Daphne's power gets the two there. The two meet up with Matt, Hiro and Mohinder near the wreckage. They are spotted. Daphne is shot, presumably dead; the episode does not indicate whether her body is taken by the heroes or the Feds. Matt gets into the gunmens' heads and has them shooting each other. That and Claire's arrival (she takes a few bullets for the team) allow the four surviving heroes to escape.

They later meet with Peter, where they examine the other drawings. Mohinder recognizes in featuring Hiro in a setting in India. Hiro believes this to be an important step in the quest to regain his power (for the second time).

Peter had just come from a botched trap to nab Nathan to use as a bargaining chip; instead the authorities nab Tracy. Later in interrogation she yells at Nathan "You're one of us!" Hard to tell if her attempt to out him took any root.

Bennett and the two evil Petrellis have a common goal - to suppress the mutants - but they're not exactly a united front. Angela resents Nathan for turning to the government to nationalize what The Comapany used to do; Bennett doesn't seem happy about this arrangement either. All three go out of their way to protect Peter and especially Claire; the latter gets sent home to Costa Verde, where she gets a text message promoting the budding mutant rebellion.

Meanwhile, Sylar has taken his captive Federal agent from Samson Gray's taxidermy shop to a house down the street, where mother and juvenile delinquent son, Mary and Luke Campbell, walk in. Sylar is waiting for them; he had attempted to learn of his father's whereabouts through torturing the agent; now he plans on torturing them to get the agent to talk.

As he telekinetically suffocates Mary, Luke strikes out with an evolved power, a microwave beam. As Luke demonstrates with a plastic superhero figurine, Agent Simmons breaks free (his wrists were nailed to chair arms with screwdrivers) and reaches for a gun. But Luke turns to the Dark Side and microwaves Simmons.

After Sylar leaves, Luke catches up with him. Luke knows where Sylar's dad is, and wants to tag along with Sylar. They take off in Mary's car, presumably to Sylar's dad's place.

Are the Campbells related to the Grays? Who is the "Rebel" who text-messaged Claire? Will Mr. Muggles return? Will he get to bite a Federal agent? What's the Haitian been doing lately? Will we see Matt Parkman showing up at poker tables to raise money for the resistence? Stay tuned.

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