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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Heroes - Ve Haff Vays Of Making You Think

(Episode: Cold Wars. Spoilers ahead.)

Matt "interrogates" Bennett to get information about their enemy. He learns that it's a government operation, started by Nathan and operationally run by Danko. He also learns of Bennett's weapons stash (which Peter successfully loots, but not without having to toss a flash grenade in a crowd of fed agents) and Danko's address (which Peter visits with the intent to kill Danko, but is dissuaded by Nathan). He also learns that Daphne is alive and in custody.

Matt also knows the philosophical difference between Bennett and Danko - Bennett doesn't support the extreme of locking up every single evolved human - and that Bennett is essentially a double agent reporting to Angela.

The Feds interrupt the end of the interrogation. Mohinder holds off the agents for a bit, but gets brought down by multiple stun darts. Matt is eventually apprehended, but Peter uses another one of those grenades to rescue Matt.

Now in custody, Mohinder is asked by Nathan to work on a "cure" for the mutations. We know from Season 2 that the Shanti Virus will suppress abilities; perhaps Mohinder will start there to isolate the mutation-suppressive element from the deadly portion.

Matt goes to into precog trance to paint the future; his works portray himself wearing a pipe bomb vest, one of the pipe bomb elements, and a large explosion near the Capitol in DC. What does this mean? Don't assume the obvious - appearances are not always what they seem...

Update: Images of Matt's end-of-episode paintings can be seen here.

That DC explosion in the painting looks awfully large to be set off by a pipe bomb vest. It is large enough to be nuclear, but could also be conventional; a Ryder truck with fertilizer can make a pretty big mushroom cloud.

Of course, the vest might explode next to something else that makes an even bigger boom. Or the DC explosion is an event separate from the pipe bomb attack. Or maybe the vest only looks like a pipe bomb...

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