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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Heroes - Meet The New Boss...

(Episode: Our Father. Spoilers ahead.)

So, Nathan takes over Pinehurst and its master race scheme. Maybe he should grow a funny mustache.

Normally I get weary of the body count in shows like this and Lost. But the death of Arthur Petrelli is a tremendous relief and to date the most welcome come-uppance in this entire series. He was just too bleeding powerful. Time travel and quasi-omniscience (via his Isaac Mendez-styled clairvoyance) is too nasty and frustrating a combo of abilities to find in a villain. (Or even a hero.)

So, The Haitian's power suppression ability can be resisted - and if he's got to use his entire strength to keep one person's powers suppressed, he can't suppress other people's powers.

Evidently, The Haitian's power suppression ability works in a different and more powerful manner than the power suppression phenomenon associated with the eclipse. Claire came back to life after the eclipse, but presumably Arthur's rapid cell regeneration (stolen from Adam Monroe) will not kick in after The Haitian's attentions are turned elsewhere.

So is the catalyst now gone? Or was it able to go airborne and "land" on someone else? Can the catalyst be recreated?

Matt, Ando, and Daphne efficiently get Isaac's sketchbook, and find that Hiro has been lost in time - hanging on to a spire not quite as precariously as Harold Lloyd dangling from that clock face. But the only known time travelers are either dead or stripped of power. So it's up to the synthetic mutant formula - or a new time traveler. I'll wager that Nathan uses the formula to restore his brother's powers.

Claire intended to stop the transfer of the catalyst to her infant self, but didn't need to, as Hiro managed to acquire it himself. The two need to be teamed up more often - they make a great team, even when they can't speak each other's language.

Sylar goes from Jekyll to Hyde once again, and presumably will use the cell phone record of mutants to find more victims.

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