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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Heroes - I'll See You On The Dark Side Of The Moon

(Episodes: The Eclipse, Parts 1 and 2)

The notion of a solar eclipse affecting these mutant powers is the third biggest fantasy to appear in this entire series. The second is that a scientist like Mohinder failed to suspect that the effects from a temporary astronomical phenomenon would be equally temporary. The first is that both The Company and Pinehurst have been around for a long time without discovering this effect. (Is it possible that the rare correlation between the eclipse and some other event is the real cause?)

The effects are fascinating. We learn that Daphne has cerebral palsy, which her evolved ability overcomes. We also learn that Claire's ability has prevented the development of a natural immune system. Sylar may not have suffered the infections she did because a) he wasn't as badly wounded, and b) he acquired her ability late in life when his immune system had already developed.

Good thing Nathan was over water and at low altitude when the eclipse effect kicked in. The Petrelli brothers' mission to retrieve The Haitian runs into a snag as they run into his bulletproof brother, Baron Samedi. ("Samedi" is French for "Saturday, BTW.) Nathan is captured and eventually rescued, and The Haitian has removed unspecified memories from his brother. Now Nathan has caught the superhero bug, as Wikipedia explains:

Nathan decides to help Pinehearst, saying that while Arthur's plan may not be perfect, the idea of giving more people powers appeals to him as he discovered how powerless normal people are, especially against someone like Baron Samedi.

Peter and The Haitian are left behind as Nathan flies back to the States.

9th Wonders! is not under new management - Isaac Mendez had left behind some issues posthumously published - and one rumored issue, the one we saw him hand to a bicycle courier in Season One not long before Sylar showed up to kill him.

The comic book store scenes are great. Hiro learns of key parts of his recent past through the 9th Wonders! collection, and his ten-year-old mind is horrified at the violent episodes in that life. He locks himself in the restroom and is eventually talked out by one of the store owners (with Ando translating). The owners are in denial about the 9th Wonders! superhero business being real until Hiro teleports away.

Hiro's trip to the Bennett home is timed just right - he teleports unwanted guests Sylar and Elle to a deserted beach and takes off with Claire. Sylar was there to kill Mr. Bennett, who had earlier tried to kill Sylar and thought he did until he found out the power loss was temporary. He then whisks Claire away to visit the moment in the past when Kaito handed baby Claire to Bennett to raise.

"Don't get too close," Kaito says. Oh, yeah, right.

The last scene with Sylar and Elle offer an interesting cliffhanger: will Sylar go through with killing her, or will his empathy kick in at the beginning of the next episode? The attack confirms something about the hunger that comes with Sylar's power. The attraction is not to gain Elle's power, which he already has - it is to see the power's inner workings in her brain.

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