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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Heroes - Burning Down The House

Episode: Dual. Spoilers ahead.)

It's been a busy week of house cleaning and rearranging, and I'm just now getting around to watching the episode.

Four villains bite the big one permanently; Knox gets frozen to death, and the three Primatech inmates are systematically killed by Sylar. Flint will undoubtedly resurface, like Bond villain Jaws, as (unlike his sister) he is impervious to flame. Unless the shard in the back of his head somehow stays in place during the conflagration, Sylar will probably come back, too.

The rescue of Hiro relies on a silly plot device - the gamble that the formula will give Ando exactly the power he needs to pull it off - but it was enjoyable to watch. Perhaps Hiro will eventually get his powers back - either Peter or (more likely) the Ando-Daphne team could go back in time to scoop up a bit of mutant serum from the vat just before Peter dumps it.

Sylar's revenge took one small measure of success. He sought to prove that his captives are monsters "just like" himself. Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men and cheerleaders...He offered two bits of bait - telling Claire to kill Angela to save Bennett, and Bennett to kill Meredith to save himself - but it was ultimately Claire's murder of Sylar (temporary the effects may be) that proved his point.

Knox and Flint's turnabout should have been predictable - they have more power if they don't have competition, plenty of which the serum would have presented. Mohinder finally gets cured - if a hypo isn't available, spilled serum and open sores will suffice.

So what will Tracy do now that she's fired? She gives Mohinder a lift - will they be teaming up in the future?

And why is Matt seeing a vision of dead Usutu? Is Usutu really dead?

The "Volume Four" scene has Nathan turning into Noah Bennett. He's convinced the President (played by Michael Dorn) to essentially assume Primatech's old mission of imprisoning dangerous mutants - except that Nathan wants all of them behind bulletproof glass. Vive le resistence!

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