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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Heroes - 9th Wonders! Is Under New Management

(Episode: It's Coming. Spoilers ahead.)

So it was Hiro's memories and not his powers that Arthur sought to drain.

Why didn't Arthur simply kill Hiro and Ando? Has he not read the Evil Overlord List? Does he need them (or at least Hiro) alive for some future purpose? Perhaps he intended to capture Hiro, but let him get distracted by an ominous painting long enough for the two to escape.

Now Ando must act as leader as Hiro has now lost all memory after the age of ten. During their excursion in Tokyo they discover a copy of 9th Wonders! - either they have gone to the past, or another precog has taken over the series after Isaac Mendez's death in Season One.

Peter and Claire are on the run together, eluding Flint and Knox, and they discover that it's Claire they're after. Peter wants her to go home, because he doesn't want to see her become the cold-blooded killer Claire he saw in the future.

Sylar discovers from Arthur that his power is almost the same as Peter's - both have empathic mimicry, the ability to copy other powers, but Sylar's power also comes equipped with intuitive aptitude. Sylar is put in a room with Elle, who Arthur has captured. She unleashes her fury at Sylar, who had killed her father; the two eventually reconcile, and Sylar copies her power. The two start falling for each other, as approving Arthur watches on the security monitor.

Matt and Daphne go to a deserted Primatech, where they find entranced and bedridden Angela. He enters her head to try to find out what's going on. In the illusion he converses with Angela and Daphne. After a while the real Daphne sees a bloody wound in Matt's abdomen. She gets Matt to being her into the telepathic conference call, and the illusory Daphne turns out to be Arthur. Daphne confesses to working for Arthur, and chooses to defect out of love for matt. Angela convinces Arthur to release her from the trance. Arthur relents, perhaps realizing that his secret is out anyway and that this exercise serves no purpose. The illusion disappears, along with Matt's wound, and Angela is in the land of the conscious.

Nathan had earlier visited his father with Tracy. Unbeknown to Nathan, Tracy privately offered her PR services to Arthur; she sees that he needs a public face, and since the world thinks he's dead, that face should be Nathan. She thinks he is on the fence, and can be nudged to Arthur's side.

Nathan, Peter, and Claire have joined with Angela, Matt, and Angela. Angela states that Arthur is missing a third ingredient for his formula for synthetic abilities - a catalyst, which resides in a single human host. Claire, recalling that Sylar has spotted something unique in her physiology when he stole her power, suspects that she's the catalyst.

Meanwhile, Arthur is gathered with Knox, Flint, Sylar, Elle and Tracy. Arthur comes out of a precognitive trance, having just drawn a solar eclipse just like that he's seen among Usutu's paintings.

Mohinder had said earlier that there seems to be a connection between solar activity and human superpowers. The next two episodes are "The Eclipse," parts 1 and 2.

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