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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Swine And Saviors

Regarding the lipstick on a pig quote, I think the proper Palin response should be this: "A champion of pork like Barack Obamaa would do well to look for a different metaphor."

This quote from Tennessee Congressindividual Steve Cohen is a doozy:

Barack Obama was a community organizer like Jesus, who our minister prayed about. Pontius Pilate was a governor.

My immediate thoughts:

Gee, I wonder how former governors Bill Clinton and Howard Dean reacted to this?

Is it really a good idea to reinforce the messianic aura that surrounds Obama and that has given so much fodder to Team McCain?

And most importantly:

Does "community organizer" - in the sense as applied to Obama - really describe what Jesus did on Earth?

The answer is no. A community organizer is a local political activist. Jesus did not lobby the Judean or Roman governments, although he did publicly criticize the former. (Obama, by contrast, does not have a record of criticizing his locality's entrenched political class.)

(The only community Jesus organized on Earth was a seminary with a 91.7% successful graduation rate - or higher, if you count latter apostle Matthias and non-Apostolic members of Jesus' circle like Lazarus, Mary and Martha.)

Acording to Stanley Kurtz's article on Obama's tied to ACORN, one community organizer function is to arrange peaceful mass protests, a phenomenon that is not cited in the New Testament and is thus not comparable to the doings of either Jesus or Pilate.

If anyone associated with this campaign has a parallel with the Gospels, it's Obama's Weather Underground cronies, not any of the candidates. Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn would have felt at home with the Zealots, the faction that sought the violent overthrow of the Roman government.


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