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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Lost - Season Four Finale

(Episode: There's No Place Like Home, Parts 2 and 3. Spoilers Ahead.)

The apparent demise of Michael and Jin was a huge letdown. I am just sick and tired and weary of this show killing off major characters - especially some of the more fascinating ad promising ones like like Jin and Eko. And Charlie last season, right when the dude was finally getting his head on straight. That is the one scar on this episode.

I'm glad they didn't kill off Lapidus. I made my prediction out of sheer cynicism, that they would waste the best of the second-tier cast the way they wasted Eko. The other three survivors of his recon team are now stuck on the relocated island. Ghost buster Miles liks it there; through his paranormal talent he is quite probably learning all sorts of interesting stuff from the island's dead. He may also be in tune with the island intelligence as Locke is. Charlotte has a mysterious past that involves the island. Daniel will go bat-happy when and if he ever discovers the Orchid Station's experiments in actual physical time travel.

Speaking of which, evidently the Orchid station was built on top of a previously existing installation, the icebox with the island-teleporting device. It would seem that DHARMA wanted to permanently block access to that area for some reason. I wonder if the time travel chamber can be fixed...

The flash-forwards did a masterful job of tying the previous flash-forwards together, except for explaining how the Oceanic settlement package could have been big enough for Sun to buy out out dad's company - maybe she got some money from Hurley. It'll be interesting to find out what she wants from Widmore.

We learn that Locke will eventually get off the island and contact Jack, Kate and Walt, at the very least. Officially, he is dead from a suicide, but we don't really believe that, do we? There are two possibilities. One is that Widmore, or some other nefarious sort with greedy eyes on the island, had him killed. The other is that Locke is not dead - his death was staged, probably with Ben's assistance. Anyone remember when the Professor used curare to make Gilligan appear dead to a tribe of pesky Pacific islanders?

Locke looks a lot like Lex Luthor in that coffin. (Say that fast three times.)

Ben says the Oceanic Six plus Locke have to go back to the island. (Does "all of you" also include Walt? That is unclear.) Ben is most probably communicating the wishes of the island/Jacob. Claire comes to Kate in a dream and says Aaron must not go back to the island. What gives?

Good to see Desmond's reunion with Penny. Now she's got him and Lapidus in hiding. I hope she is learning a lot about her dad's evil doings.

When the island disappeared, it took the tine neighboring island with it. Did it also scoop up the freighter wreckage?

Did anyone expect Locke to be the one to originate the idea that anyone who left the island would have to lie in order to protect those remaining? Anyone expect that he would become the new leader of The Others? Does this mean that the Others and the Lostaways might achieve some sort of peaceful coexistence? One might hope for such if Locke had a stellar track record of getting along with his fellow crash survivors.

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