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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Lost - We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place

(Episode: There's No Place Like Home, Part 1. Spoilers Ahead.)

Nice mid-episode cliffhanger - The Oceanic Six are split into four separate locations. Sun and Aaron are on the freighter, Sayid and Kate are captives of Richard Alpert's band of Others, Hurley is at the Orchid Station with Locke and Ben (and the commandos to whom Ben has just surrendered), and Jack and Lapidus are on the way.

I guess Ben figures that if he can manipulate his previous captors, he can manipulate Keamy's team. He is probably counting on some secret about the station that he knows and the commandos don't. Turns out that that was the Orchid logo on Ben's parka when he surfaced in Tunisia. Could be that his escape will happen during the two-hour finale and not sometime next season.

We still don't have a clue as to what "move the island" really means. I don't think it means to change its geographical location. That would be too obvious, and I don't see how it would stop Keamy's mission - unless he needs the explosives on the ship to carry it out. He also needs something at Orchid Station - what? An earthquake would constitute island movement, and it would indeed be dangerous - maybe a highly localized quake to swallow Keamy's team?

(Come to think of it, a quake could explain the statue ruins.)

Faraday knows about the Secondary Protocol - Widmore's Plan B that involves "torching the island" - and Charlotte doesn't. That the Orchid logo appears in the journal containing his time travel notes suggests that he learned about the Protocol, or at least the Orchid Station connection, through time travel.

Lostpedia has an article on that journal, complete with images. The journal has several references to real-life scientific concepts: the Lorenz Invariance, the Kerr Metric, and Eddington-Finkelstein coordinates. Have fun, all you amateur physicists out there.

Subliminal Hurley Number alert: check out the Coast Guard plane's ID -- 1+7+1+7 = 16.

Great flashforwards. Kate is free to move about without a Federal Marshal escort. Sayid is reunited with his long-lost love Nadia - but that won't last long. (Why was Nadia killed by Widmore's people? Was Sayid - or Nadia herself - snooping around too much in Widmore affairs?)

We see the beginnings of Hurley's and Jack's growing madness. The island makes early contact with Hurley, first through the mysterious whispers and later by displaying The Numbers in the Camaro's odometer and trip counter. (Over 400,000 miles on that car? Yikes.) Jack learns that Claire is his half-sister - that's gotta hurt.

Sun gets the Khan Noonian Singh Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold Award for using her Oceanic bribe for keeping quiet about the island settlement to buy controlling interest in her father's company. Paik Heavy Industries has ties to both the Hanso Foundation and Widmore - this opens up some interesting possibilities. One hopes that Sun will learn a little something about Widmore while she's on the freighter, so she can start connecting the dots...

I have two prediction about the finale: Faraday will survive, and Lapidus will not - the latter will die from a Keamy-inflicted gunshot wound.

Update: The Orchid logo is on the cover of the folder containing the Secondary Protocol - see this Lostpedia image.

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