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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

A Modest Proposal For The Democrats

Despite the date - and the outlandishness of this scheme, this is actually half-serious.

The Democrats have two problems. One is obvious: the Clinton/Obama race is fracturing the party. The second is obvious to all except the most fanatical Democrat supporters: the Reid/Pelosi Congressional leadership has plunged the party into the abyss, earning lower approval numbers than the flailing President Bush.

Here's the idea - leading Democrats could offer to support Hillary as the next Senate Majority Leader in return for her dropping out of the presidential race.

This comes with complications:

  • Hillary has to believe that she has a good chance of being beaten, in either the convention showdown or the general election. She has been politically bulletproof for so long that I doubt her ego would allow for this.
  • Top Senate Dems have to be willing to admit that Harry Reid has done a lackluster job.
  • Top Senate Dems have to believe that Hillary can do a better job than Harry Reid.

If Hillary loses her bid, whether in August or November, I wouldn't be surprised to see her jockey for Reid's post anyway. That fight would be classic Bugs Bunny vs. Elmer Fudd.

Update: The last two items share an additional caveat. The Senate Majority leader has two jobs: running-the-Senate-machinery duties, and PR duties. Reid comes across as a wuss to a lot of people, thus the Warner Brothers analogy.

Update: If Hillary is Bugs, what does that make Obama? I see McCain as Daffy, myself.

Update: If Hillary wants the Senate leadership post, maybe she could capitalize on Reid's real estate scandals. Yes, the irony would be delicious.

Update: There's one more vital complication that If forgot: do top Senate Dems want her to have that kind of senatorial power?

Update: Actually, the Bugs Bunny analogy doesn't work with regard to the campaign trail. In that milieu, Hillary is a Robert Louis Stevenson character - see post above.


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