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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Lost - Five Down, One To Go

(Episode: Ji Yeon. Spoilers Ahead.)

Sun is the fifth of the Oceanic Six. She will leave the island in time for her and her daughter to survive the pregnancy. But also in the future Jin is assumed to be dead, but is off the island and working for Mr. Paik once again. Ugh.

Is Paik in cahoots with Widmore? Or is he yet another competitor in the rivalry over the island?

If the freighter captain is speaking the truth, Ben Linus' organization is responsible for staging the fake wreckage of Flight 815. No reason to doubt him on this. The man on the boat - who is indeed Michael - said in a note not to trust him, but we must remember who Michael works for; Ben can't be trusted, either. Neither Widmore, the owner of the freighter, nor What makes him so untrustworthy is that he works doe Charles Widmore, who is a greater enemy than The Others.

Two more Lostaways now know who owns the freighter: Sayid and Desmond. This is progress.

What is it about the island that drives some people insane but not others?

Couldn't Juliet find a more ethical means of dissuading Sun from joining Locke's group? She could have said something like, "Uh, if Faraday and Lewis give you the willies, realize that Locke has Ben in his group. And don't underestimate Ben's ability to manipulate his captor."

The preview for the next episode suggests that a regular cast member will die next week. Best guess is Claire - she's been neglected this season, and it would set up
Kate's adoption of Aaron. That is the most obvious guess. Sayid will be one of the Oceanic Six, so only through the most convoluted plot devices would the victim be him - and I don't rule out this show'a ability to pull such a rabbit out of his hat.

Update: The Jin-and-panda sequence was a flashback - I missed his remark about having been married only two months. See update in my review of "Something Nice Back Home."

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