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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lost - You Were Expecting The A-Team?

Episode: Confirmed Dead. Spoilers ahead.)

It's a bird, it's a plane - no, it's a helicopter, with new characters to intrigue and annoy us.

Daniel Faraday (Jeremy Davies) is a physicist from Essex, Massachusetts. His presence on the team is a mystery, but his profession and the fact that he shares a last name with someone who researched electromagnetism give us a pretty big clue.

Miles Straume (Ken Leung) is a medium. He can communicate wit the dead with or without a gadget that looks like a vacuum cleaner. DHARMA had been researching the paranormal, and that a number of Lostaways have had conversations with dead people, so his tie-in seems obvious.

Charlotte Lewis (Rebecca Mader) is an anthropoligist (and archaeologist, apparently) who discovered a polar bear and a DHARMA collar in Tunisia.' The smile at the discovery reveals that she knew about DHARMA long before she was assigned to this team. I wonder if her anthropological studies will explain the four-toed statue...

Frank Lapidus (Jeff Fahey) is the Oceanic pilot who was supposed to be flying Flight 815. He was replaced by Seth Norris for reasons unknown. He recognizes that the pilot in the video was not Norris, and reported this to the NTSB. Actor Jeff Fahey is the only one of these four not listed in the opening credits. Perhaps his days are numbered...

Naomi, a trained commando, was the team lead. She reported to Matthew Abaddon, who reports to - who? Heh, she's the professional soldier, and she's the one who gets killed.

If Abaddon knows about and has a special interest in Ben Linus, he undoubtedly knows about DHARMA and its overthrow, since Ben was a pipsqueak nobody prior to the purge. So why would he have faith that a team with only one combat-ready operative could get past the Others to get to Ben? The hazmat gear suggests the team planned chem warfare, perhaps the same nerve gas that the Others used to overthrow DHARMA. But the team still has to get to Ben to suit him up in the hazmat gear, assuming they want him alive (which is probably the case).

Ben certainly knows a lot about them. There are two explanations: Ben's alibi is correct - he does have a man on their boat (Michael?) - or at least some of them work(ed) for DHARMA. He is probably telling the truth that he doesn't know what the Monster is.

Locke tells his group that Walt warned him about the freighter, and shows the wounds of the bullet that passed right through him where his kidney would have been had ne not donated it. He's heading them for Jacob's shack, where hopefully we'll find out more of what's going on.

Jack finally wises up to the fact that the helicopter team came to the island for other reasons - the guns and the hazmat gear were clues that even he couldn't miss. If he acts like a normal person (i.e. like those of us who have been watching this show for three years) he'll start asking these interlopers what they know about the island - DHARMA, the smoke monster, the Others, etc.

The best moments were acts of Lostaway cleverness: Sayid's ambush, and Vincent appearing with Charlotte's GPS.

The helicopter if flyworthy, so says Sayid. How long till they make the trip to the freighter?

The Wikipedia entry for next week's episode currently states that another member of the Oceanic Six will be revealed. Stay tuned.

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