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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Rush vs. The Pleistocene Liberation Organization

Rush Limbaugh waxes eloquently about the role of oil in the world's ecology and in human civilization. This was sparked by a caller's objection to his use of the word "crop" to describe oil. Rush addresses that language in these segments of the monologue:

You got poison ivy out there. There's all kinds of poisonous snakes. Yes, God put some things on the planet that are very dangerous, but they serve their role in their own ecosystems, and many of these things exist to protect life from being slaughtered by predators. So we deal with it, we learn about it, and we learn to respect it. The left, the militant environmentalist wacko community in this country has succeeded in portraying oil as in and of itself a pollutant, a filthy, dirty, rotten scourge that must not be mined or brought up to the surface, must not be drilled for and must not be used. It's a fossil fuel. I can show you research from scientists in the field of petroleum who think that the Earth is still manufacturing it. It is a crop no different than any other crop that must be harvested in order to sell it...When I say look at it as a crop, I simply mean, don't buy into the notion that it is poison, that it is something that needs to be unused.

His point is that radical environmentalists view oil as something apart from the ecosystem; thus they do not treat it as they would any other product of nature. But it's not just oil - these sorts view humanity in the same way, that the ivy and the hallucinogenic toads are a part of nature but we aren't. Other lifeforms' impact on nature is natural, but ours is some sort of blasphemy.

For those puzzled by the title of this post, the Pleistocene was the last of the geologic epochs that predated the advent of humans.

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