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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Heroes - Mohinder's Got A Gun, Now Everybody's On The Run

(Episode: Cautionary Tales. Spoilers ahead.)

Yay - West and Bennett figure out that they're on the same side.

But who's the real bad guy in the struggle between The Company and Adam/Kensei? We still lack one vital piece of information - why The Company imprisoned him.

But we're getting closer to that answer. Matt now knows that Adam is 400 years old, and Hiro knows that Kensei is the man who killed his father. And both will now start looking for the guy...

The Series of Eight paintings have all come true, but Bennett is neither dead nor missing an eye. Obviously he was resuscitated with mutant blood - probably Claire's, outside chance with Adam's blood.

Just had a thought - did Adam rescue Sylar from death? He has the capability. If his blood was used for that purpose, it is possible that its regenerative properties restored Sylar's genes to their original state before he started assimilating powers. That doesn't explain why he couldn't make use of Candice's ability - unless the blood has created some sort of permanent side effect that is blocking Sylar's attempt at stealing powers.

Now we have a better idea why Matt's dad is "worse than Sylar" - he can put thoughts into other people's minds, and Matt has the same power. (Very useful for a cop.) The first big hint of that power was the attack on Angela Petrell. In my post on The Kindness of Strangers I said this:

I'm guessing that Parkman's dad has the ability to possess people, assuming he's the one who attacked Angela Petrelli last week. She said she attacked herself, which may be true - but who was making her claw at herself?

Three of the Group of Twelve (see this photo) still live: Angela, Bob, Maury Parkman, and the Kathleen Katherine Harris lookalike. Angela won't tell Matt who "Kathleen" "Katherine" is.

The scenes with Hiro and his dad were great. Hiro must come to accept what Kaito Nakamura does - that history must be kept inact even if it costs the life of a love one. Ironically, what changes Hiro's mind from saving hid dad is a conversation with his younger self.

Update: Typo on Ms. Harris' name corrected.

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