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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Heroes - Viruses, Samurai And Time Travel, Oh My!

(Episode: Out of Time. Spoilers ahead.)

Paintings 3 through 6 of the Series of Eight come to pass: a vial of the Shanti virus, Niki beats down Bob's office door, Peter sees the immense morgue of the future, Hiro and Kensei fight in the burning munitions tent.

Should have figured that Kensei would survive the explosion. But why is he alive in 2007, under the alias Adam Monroe? I can think of three possibilities:

  • His regenerative power bestows either immortality or immense longevity; in this case it must also prevent him from aging.
  • He has teamed up with another time-traveller.
  • He has somehow gained time-travel ability himself.

He has had contact with Peter Petrelli. Is it possible that Kensei/Monroe actually originated from the current timeframe, and that Peter was somehow responsible for his presence in seventeenth-century Japan?

Bob tells Nathan about Monroe. He was one of the founders of The Company. (And he is younger in appearance than any of the Twelve who have had screen time.) He is a megalomaniac who wanted to harness "mutant" powers to make the world a better place by inflicting not-so-divine wrath on its corrupt elements; we see signs of that megalomania in his interactions with Hiro. Linderman was a true believer. The Company imprisoned Monroe, but Monroe escaped two weeks ago, and has been hunting down the other founders.

Peter is back from the future, but he left his Irish girlfriend Caitlin there. Will he be able to retrieve her?

This episode introduces a new wrinkle: a child inheriting the same ability as that of one of its parents. Matt Parkman is the only known example of this.

When Future Peter regained his memory of his mother, did we just witness Angela Petrelli's ability?

Mohinder was right to be dubious of Bennett's sanity, but too quick to trust Bob with what he knows. He'd make a lousy spy.

Niki has the mutant strain of the Shanti Virus. She will most likely be kept in quarantine, and some event in March will cause the virus to escape into the general population. I'm predicting that Sylar tracking down Mohinder (or The Company itself) will play a key role.

Next week's episode "Four Months Ago" will show events that happened between Seasons One and Two. Some vague spoilers here. We'll see how Maya and Alejandro became outlaws, how D. L. Hawkins died (his gunshot wound last season didn't seem lethal), and how The Company bagged Peter after the explosion. Hopefully we'll also learn more about Adam Monroe, and about Sylar's rescue - maybe Adam had something to do with it...

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