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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Heroes - You Can't Keep A Good Villain Dead

(Episode: Kindred. Spoilers ahead.)

Sylar is back! Candice rescued him from Kirby Plaza and got his wounds fixed up, but Sylar has lost all the powers he had stolen in the process. He manages to kill her and take her power, but he can't use it. The article on Candice reveals that she really has been killed, so there goes my theory that it was an elaborate illusion set up by Candice to find out how he steals powers.

So who performed the surgery on Sylar? And where is this middle-of-nowhere jungle he's at? I hope he's not stranded on an island with hatches and smoke monsters :-)

Peter helps with the heist and finally gets the box with his identifying personal effects in it - but he doesn't open it. Time to my head against the wall some more.

[bang bang bang bang bang bang bang]

Hiro succeeds in setting Takezo Kensei on his proper course, but decided to stick behind, presumably to make sure everything goes right - or for the sake of curiosity and/or the thrill of getting a front-row seat to an amazing chapter of history. Clever of Hiro to write Ando of his progress in scrolls hidden in the Kensei sword which present-day Ando possesses.

Jessica/Niki is back, and is keeping Micah with Lt. Uhura in New Orleans while she runs to The Company to get her powers removed. But The Company wants something in return...

Maya and Alejandro are close to the US border, but Alejandro idiotically tries to steal a car in broad daylight. He gets arrested, but Maya uses her power to incapacitate inside the little jail - except her brother (I suspect he is immune), who uses his power to revive everyone. The jail's other prisoner, a young American dude, joins the duo and they take off in his car, which appears to be the one stolen from Claire.

Mohinder finds a Mendez painting, panel 8 of a series he painted prior to his death. Last week he and Bennett found the first one, which depicts the murder of Hiro's dad. This one (image here) shows Bennet on the floor, apparently dead on the floor with a gunshot would to the eye, and Claire standing nearby kissing a shadowy figure.

West reveals his flying power to Claire, and as she discovers a wound in his neck, he tells her of an incident in which he lost a day's memory. He remembered seeing a man with horn-rimmed glasses before the lapse; Claire is suddenly suspicious of her father.

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