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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Heroes - Welcome To My Nightmare

(Episode: Fight or Flight. Spoilers ahead.)

The elder Parkman appears to have the ability to create hallucinations - and as we see in the examples of Matt, Nathan, and evidently Molly, he can leave an individual trapped in a hallucination even after breaking concentration. This is quite different from Candice's ability; her illusions are visible to all, while Mr. Parkman's attacks target selected individuals. The "illusion" of the torn photo shows that he can reach into more than one mind at a time.

I suspect that Niki/Jessica's attack on Bob was the work of Mr. Parkman and not a relapse of Jessica's uncontrollability.

Looks like my prediction of Micah egging Monica into superhero crimefighting is taking shape, and that Micah's issue of 9th Wonders! will predict key events in her impending career change.

Wonder what that Japanese museum curator will make of those faded letters of Hiro's...

With Candice dead, this season's Woman Who Deserves To Be Bitten By A Pomeranian is Elle. While Candice was smugness and sarcasm on steroids, Elle is just plain evil. Way evil. Her nonchalant attitude toward killing makes her in some ways more disturbing than Sylar. Who's her daddy? Obvious first guess is Bob. Of course, that assumes that her company and his are the same one.

Peter's subplot is indeed on the move. He finally opened the box, knows his full name, that he's from New York, and that he had traveled to Montreal. Peter rediscovers the ability he absorbed from Isaac, and paints a scene at a street intersection. The street signs are in French, suggesting that the location is Montreal, where he will soon travel to look for answers.

Maybe Peter will cross paths with Randi Rhodes :-)

Update: Just had a thought - has Molly been picking up vibes on those death threat photos? Compare her eyes-and-symbol drawings - like this one - to the photos of Kaito and Angela.

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