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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Heroes - All In The Family

(Episode: The Kindness of Strangers. Spoilers ahead.)

So, Parkman's dad turns out to be Worse Than Sylar and one of The Company's twelve top conspirators (Heroes Wiki article on the Group of Twelve here). That explains how The Company knew to tag Parkman during the first season, and why Angela Petrelli isn't all that shocked about his telepathy.

I'm guessing that Parkman's dad has the ability to possess people, assuming he's the one who attacked Angela Petrelli last week. She said she attacked herself, which may be true - but who was making her claw at herself?

Only seven of the Group of Twelve are identified: Mr. and Mrs. Petrelli, Linderman, Nakamura, Devereux, Parkman, and Bob, the Company's apparent current leader. Two men and three women are unidentified, although one reminds me a bit of Katherine Harris...

Nathan ditched the beard. Good for him.

Claire is an idiot, for not thinking this: West was abducted by this mysterious company when Dad worked for it. Dad is most probably the man in the horn-rimmed glasses that West remembers seeing. West would recognize Dad, and Dad might recognize West even though the abduction incident happened in St. Louis. They live in the same school district now, so they'll probably cross paths sooner or later. That opens the door for all sorts of scenarios - which would be the least disastrous? The answer to that question is a "chance" meeting between boyfriend and Dad when Claire is present to mediate the situation. TV characters are dumber than viewers, though, and this won't happen. Bennett is going to Ukraine, anyway.

Back to the Group of Twelve pic - Mr. Petrelli wears horn-rimmed glasses. This is a long shot, but is it possible that he was the one responsible for West's abduction? Petrelli was alive at the time...

I have a theory about what the painting of Bennet predicts: West finds out about Bennett, confronts him, bloodshed ensues, Claire approaches the scene and West kisses her to keep her from waling in to discover what's going on.

A new evolved human has joined the cast - Micah's cousin Monica Dawson, who has the ability to perfectly reproduce any physical motion she witnesses; she creates a tomato rose and recreates a wrestling maneuver, both of which she originally saw on television programs. If she mentions this new-found talent in front of Micah, odds are his opinions on using "mutant" abilities to fight crime will find voice - will his cuz listen? As a New Orleans resident, she's in a sadly appropriate setting for that sort of thing...

Sylar (now going by his given name Gabriel Gray) gets picked up by Alejandro, Maya and American car thief, and that the Central American twins have abilities. Or ability singular - I theorized two weeks ago that she's the off switch and he's the on switch of the same ability. Car thief discovers the twins are wanted for murder; Sylar warns the twins and shows that he's stolen the keys so they can get away, but doesn't tell that he also murdered the dude.

From the previews, it looks like Peter's subplot will make some actual progress. Let's hope.

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