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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Heroes - Season 2 Premiere

(Episode: Four Months Later…. Spoilers ahead.)

Several major subplots emerge at once: Hiro messes up Takezo Kensei's history and has to clean it up, Suresh infiltrates The Company in conspiracy with Mr. Bennett, Claire is being observed by a teenage mutant (is he with The Company, or on his own, or with someone else?), Molly is having nightmares about the Worse Than Sylar individual, someone is out to get the surviving members of Linderman's inner circle, and a brother and sister travel from Latin America in search of the author of Activating Evolution, hoping to rid the sister of a terrifying ability.

Oh, and Peter Petrelli is alive, found chained inside an shipping container, and he has amnesia. Excuse me while I bang my head against the wall.

[bang bang bang bang bang bang bang]

The real Takezo Kensei turns out to be an Englisman, and not quite the gallant Samurai that history makes him out to be. I'm guessing that Hiro will be engaging in a little medieval identity theft to restore the timeline.

Mohinder's mission will serve a dual purpose, finding a cure for the microbe that kills heroes (like his late sister who died in chidhood) and spying on The Company for Mr. Bennett.

Mr. Bennett's defiance of his boss didn't make sense until Mohinder's mission was revealed - it seems to me that Bennett foresees that his guerilla war against The Company will occasionally cut into his nine-to-five at the print shop, and he is preparing his boss for those moments.

Who killed Kaito Nakamura? First guess is Claude because of a) the hooded attire, and b) he has a long-standing grudge against Linderman's people. But it's probably somebody new. Whoever it was has the ability to jump from a building and avoid getting splattered on pavement.

I agree with Parkman - using his psychic ability in the line of duty is not cheating. Molly's conversation in the dinner scene seemed to un-childlike. I hope Parkman has the sense to tell her to not draw the creepy eyes before.

I hope Nathan loses the beard.

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