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Thursday, August 09, 2007

"Parade Of Victims"

That's how Rush Limbaugh summarizes the questioners selected for the other night's Democratic debate. He decides to give the answers he would give if the questioners had asked him - and misses one golden opportunity presented by this question:

MAN #1: After serving in Iraq for a year, I came home to find that my factory job at Maytag had closed and moved to Mexico. What will you do to keep manufacturing jobs like mine from leaving the country?

This question has two right answers, and Rush gave one of them:

It should not have come as a surprise to anybody that American corporations are relocating elsewhere. It is going to continue to happen. I have discussed this with many people. They have had similar things happen. This is no different than being fired in late life when your corporation still exists. I mean, it is what it is! You face reality. You have to go out and try to find something else to do. You are far more capable of doing other things than you probably believe, and what my job as president is going to be is to help inspire you and as many people in this country to assume the mantle of greatness the population in this country requires if we are to maintain it. We can all sit around and whine and moan what happened to us, but after a while, we have to get busy getting serious about the next phase of our lives.

Rush should have added something like this: "While there is nothing that government can do to change the fact that markets constantly change and thus jobs are inevitably lost in the wake of such changes, there is something that government can do to reduce the amount of overall job loss in this economy. We can reduce the excessive taxes and the excessive regulatory restrictions that discourage business startups and injure the profitability of existing businesses."


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