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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I Get Results From Persecuted Iranian Bloggers

Yesterday's post on a recent Robert Spencer article attracted a fascinating comment - from someone mentioned in an old post of mine about various bloggers around the world encountering legal harassment:

I read a news about me in your blog(site)

http:// alankhenderson.blogspot.c...01_archive.html

Thank you for support me. You can know too more about me with reading this text:
Best Regard Arash Sigarchi

Arash Sigarchi the Iranian Journalist and blogger was born in Rasht City center of Gilan province in north of IRAN that have 300 Km distance from Tehran (capital of IRAN)
He fond very soon to reporter and he started this job with a sport newspaper in only 16 years. Thereupon , He went to Tehran for study in university. He activity in Reporter of political and social proficiency in Tehran `s professional newspapers. “Sigarchi” have presence in reformist newspapers as a journalist Simultaneous with come president Mr. Khatami .

Sigarchi was a analyzing and author for reformist newspaper. He owned very experiences in that years. He wined in Iranian press festival 10th and 11th in branch of Interview and political article.
The forty newspapers arrested by the Iranian leaders`s injunction in a day at 2000. Sigarchi was unemployed as others journalists. He comeback to his birthplace Rasht City and he operated a new newspaper with 16 pages ; that name was “Gilan e Emrooz” (means Gilan Today). He used his experiences in this newspaper and it extended to more sale at the country in during his Editorship. His newspaper between local newspaper of IRAN was the best for Three years.

Sigarchi in the 5 years editorship of GilanToday instructed journalism to 60 persons at two method : scientific and tentative. They are active in many newspaper in IRAN now.
“Sigarchi” operate a blog at 1999 befor start brunt of censorship on the Iranian press. he written in his blog Until he cant published his article or news in his newspaper ; Hereinafter he encounter with brunt of censorship. After this accidence , he was a famous Iranian blogger in Internet. Iran `s intelligence service decided For Confliction with “Sigarchi” for this reason.
They sallied to his home in first time , for Activity in blogging and try for promotion of “freedom of expression” and prevalence of “professional journalism” in IRAN by “Arash Sigarchi”. They removed his computer , books , handwritten and other personal tools. after this conflict , they prisoned “Arash” in desember of 2004 and sentence he to 14 years prison in 4 January 2005.

Iran `s reign was be impel for freedom of “Arash” from jail in march 2005 after remonstrance of many Iranian and universal journalists and bloggers and world liberals like Ms. “Shirin Ebadi” (peace Nobel Prizewinners in 2003) too . she was attorney of “sigarchi” in court.
After 9 month , in December 2005 , revision court lessened “Arash” condemnation from 14 to 3 years and they sended “Arash” to jail. Don’t long time from presence of “Arash” in prison , yet that his brother , “AShkan Sigarchi” deceased in a accident. He was a famous Iranian musician and pursued case of “Arash”.
This Shock and pressures of prison afforded Arash was be sick after a year. He had a bad tumor in his tongue. That was a bad cancer!
Arash become to leave from prison for remedy With protest of bloggers and journalists. He do chemotherapy , surgery and radio therapy in last six month. He is ok now and he wait for end of his condemnation. He have many program for future .
“Arash Sigarchi” is a poet and auther. He has a poem book as namely “Inebriety Vainglory”. He has e two collection of story that cant published in IRAN. “Arash” has not permit for publish. Don’t let censorship!
Arash Sigarchi Go to others country for lecture about “freedom of expression” and “free flow of information” now. His email Address is or .

Sigarchi's blog appears to be entirely in Farsi; at the homepage the only English translation appears to the be About Me page.


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