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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Kelly's Heroes, Updated

There's a question that the 1970 film never answered: how (or if) those intrepid soldiers could have spirited that cache of gold out of Germany once they got their hands on it. I can't imagine how a handful of guys could successfully smuggle 14,000 gold bars (minus the German tank commander's cut) out of the country. The only alternative is exchanging the gold for currency. Kelly has two problems: finding a buyer for the gold in a war zone, and smuggling much lighter yet still bulky wads of cash.

Modern technology has solved the second problem, as illustrated by the following spam email I received today:

I am in need of your assistance. My name is SGT Justin Harris . I am in the Engineering military unit here in Ba'qubah in Iraq, we have about US$25 Million US dollars that we want to move out of the country. My partners and I need a good partner someone we can trust. It is oil money and legal.We are moving it through diplomatic means, to send it to your house directly or a bank of your choice using diplomatic courier service they can ship it directly to you in your place, door to door delivery. The most important thing is that can we trust you? Once the funds get to you, you take your 50% out and keep our own 50%. Your own part of this deal is to find a safe place where the funds can be sent to. Our own part is sending it to you. If you are interested i will furnish you with more details. But the whole process is simple and we must keep a low profile at all times.Can i trust you and will you help?

Send me an email with your positive reply and i will send you more details and the plan. Dont worry it is risk free.
Waiting for your urgent response.

Your Army in Iraq.
SGT Justin Harris

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