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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Heroes - Sylar Looks Kinda Like Clark Kent In Those Glasses


Now if the heroes could find an equivalent to Kryptonite...

In The Hard Part, Sylar discovers the prophecy of the exploding man, and concludes that he is the one who will explode after absorbing the power of the scruffy man in his own painting. He's worried, and turns first to Mohinder. Sylar hangs up when he hears the scientist dialing 911 - yeah, like the regular cops are capable of dealing with Sylar.

So he visits his mom, as Hiro and Ando - who just barely escaped detection in Isaac's studoo - trail him. Sylar is in some ways a parallel to Peter; both have dreams of being "special," each absorbs powers in his own way, and both are chastised by close family (Nathan, in Peter's case) for lacking ambition. He decides to demonstrate his power - using cryokinesis to recreate the effects of a snowglobe in the apartment, which Mom enjoys at first but is soon frightened as her snowglobe collecxtion starts flying around her. She runs in her bedroom at first, but later comes out. She threatens him with a pair of scissors, but in a scuffle she is accidentally stabbed.

At that moment Hiro freezes time, and tries to summon the courage to kill Sylar while he's "frozen." But he loses courage and concentration, and Sylar grabs the blade and uses cryokinesis to make the blade brittle. Hiro and Ando teleport away, and the blade breaks. Hiro wonders how he can use the sword to kill Sylar. Either he will find a way to repair it (reforged using Ted's power?), or he will find a way to stab Sylar with a half blade. Only a few inches of the blade near the hilt are visible in the image showing Hiro stabbing Sylar. But it would take a lot of force to impale Sylar - like Peter using telekinesis or Jessica using brute strength to throw Hiro, maybe.

Sylar's mom had made an offhand comment that if he put his mind to it he could even be President. The idea sinks in. The future is now clearer; Sylar will scheme to become President. I dont' believe he knows abotu Candace yet; her power is vital to that plan.

The Organization's plans are clearer, too. It plans to use the predicted explosion to lift the political career of Nathan Petrelli. And Nathan's own mom is in on the plan. (Heh, Sylar has a good mom, Peter has an evil mom.) Is the trip to Paris is really intended to deliver Claire to the Linderman organization? Or does her loyalty to Linderman have its limits - would she try to hide Claire from them as Bennett did?

The Petrellis now learn from Claire about Ted. Nathan wants his brother and daughter out of the city, but Peter has another plan: she will carry a gun and ensure that Peter doesn't explode by shooting him in the head where she removed the glass shard. Uncle and niece encounter Bennett, Parkman and ted, and Peter starts absorbing Ted's power - but it's not time yet for NYC to get nuked.

Is Peter the one who will explode? It's possible that Peter was looking through someone else's perspective in his prophetic. He once dreamt of flying; that could have been Peter dreaming that he was Nathan.

D. L. and Jessica managed to get to Linderman's vault, and find that he's been tracking the duo their entire lives. They also discover a painting of Micah in a burning New York City. Meanwhile, the kid discovers that the woman disguised as her mom is really Candace. What plans Linderman has for Micah are yet unclear, although there's been speculation that Micah might be used to rig voting machines.

The hero tracking system turns out to be a little girl - the one who survived a Sylar attack that had killed her parents. Her ability is to find anyone, anywhere. That ability, coupled with having a popular politician in its pocket, gives Linderman a lot of power.

For some reason, the final edition of 9th Wonders! that Hiro got from the future has no dialogue in the bubbles. Only two episodes left to find out why...

Update: Where is the Haitian?

Update: Every hero has one innate power. Where did Peter get his prophetic dreams ability? One of his parents?


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