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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Lost - Trading Places

In "Left Behind," Locke joins the Others and Juliet joins the Lostaways - who woudl have predicted that at the beginning of this season?

Of course, Locke isn't really joining anybody. That's his problem - he's too much the lone wolf. For the one time during the entire series, he has to be just that. He can't trust the Others (except for Alex), and he's in a position to learn a lot from them, perhaps more than they intend to reveal.

Anyone notice that a lot of con artists appear on this show? Sawyer and Locke's dad are professionals at the trade. Ben is a master manipulator. Juliet can pull a few cons. Kate had to do a lot of conning while on the run. (Locke isn't a con man - he's just plain secretive.) And then there's Hurley, who uses a little trickery to try to civilize Sawyer. Like Locke, Sawyer has resisted making himself part of a team. There's more hope for Sawyer than for Locke.

Hurley is one of the island's underestimated assets. His heart is in improving morale and mutual cooperation. He built the golf course, and he's the only one making headway with the island's biggest malcontent. If I owned a company and could hire one Lostaway, I'd hire him.

Juliet's new change of address may prove to be one of the best things to happen to the Lostaways. She knows a lot of stuff they need to know, and the previews reveal that she will fess up to at least some of them. Honesty is the best way to gain their trust, and she needs them to survive (and perhaps to one day give Ben his come-uppance).

Looking back on the previous episode "Enter 77," most if not all the Others are the island's original settlers, the "hostles" referenced by Bakunin and the Marvin Candle video (and by Kelvin Inman in "Live Together, Die Alone.) We know from the papers Sayid found that the village was originally part of DHARMA. We can surmise that if the Others don't know what the Smoke Monster is, and if DHARMA built something as unusual as a sonic fence - which just so happens to keep Smokey away from its only above-ground facility - then DHARMA built the Monster (after building the fence). The only alternative is that the Monster precedes both groups, which seems too weird even for this show.

My first question: where and what is the original settlement of the Others? Maybe Juliet will answer that question next week. Maybe we'll learn a bit more about Mittelos Bioscience, the Others' outside-world affiliates.

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