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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lost - It's A Bird, It's a Plane...

(The usual spoiler warning)

Little happens for much of last Wednesday's episode Catch-22. Nothing really profound is revealed about Desmond's past - we learn that he was once engaged to be married, jilted the bride to become a monk, washed out of monasticism (perhaps there is a yet-to-be-revealed parallel to how he washed out of the military), and how he met Penny. The big item of interest in the flashbacks is the framed photo of the abbot with Mrs. Hawking, the woman who appeared to Desmond in visions after the hatch implosion.

The other big development is the arrival of Naomi the parachutist. Otherwise there isn't a whole lot of action. Kate is jealous of Juliet, turns to Sawyer (who knows that her heart is really with Jack but doesn't seem to be bothered by it), Desmond leads a "camping" trip, they find the sonar beacon cable, Charlie escapes death again.

Naomi is clearly in cahoots with Penelope Widmore - she has a photo of her boss posing with Des, and she novel written in the same language (Portugese) spoken by the Ice Station Zebra guys who reported detection of the electromagnetic anomaly to Penny at the end of last season. What we don't know is how much Naomi (or Penny) know about the island. (I suspect that her father knows a lot, and Penny learned bits and pieces of what's going on withour Dad's knowledge.) The new arrival is supposed to reveal some shocking detail(s) about Oceanic Flight 815 this season.

I'll add another speculation about the Smoke Monster. I suggested last week that since the Monster exhibits telepathic properties and since Juliet knows things she couldn't possibly know through any other means, the Others have control of the Monster (or a part of the Monster "population" if there are more than one of them). Another possibility along this line is that the Others are able to tap into the source of the Monster's telepathy without having any control over the Monster.

I just realized something about Juliet's encounter with Sawyer and Sayid. The Lostpedia article on Sawyer asks this burning question: "If Sawyer killed Duckett three nights before he was put on Flight 815, why did Juliet tell him he killed a man in cold blood the night before his flight?" Did she got the day wrong - or did Sawyer kill someone we don't know about?

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