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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Heroes - Do What I Say, Or I'll Nuke Your House

(Spoilers ahead - episode synopsis here.)

I remembered one thing incorrectly from last week's episode: Hana Gitelman wasn't part of the confrontation at the Bennetts' house. She is in league with Sprague and Parkman, though - or she was. Now that the two are being held by the Mystery Organization (and Parkman is under consideration as a possible recruit), what's her next move?

This series exhibits one of the plusses of the 1995 series Invasion: the protagonists learn something new every week. Lost, by contrast, is really bad about dragging out the mysteries for too long. This week Claire learns something very important - that her dad really is one of the good guys, although the jury is out regarding his employers. The two things we know about the Organization are a) that it seeks to know the identity of every "mutant" on Earth, and b) and hiding the existence of a "mutant" is a capital offense. Mr. Bennett wanted for Claire nothing more than what she wanted for herself: "to be a normal person and not someone's freak show or lab experiment," quoting yesterday's post.

The Haitian's secret also comes out - he's not a mute after all. So far, only Claire, Mr. Bennett and Parkman know. Question is, why did he hide this fact?

Viewers also find out that Hiro's dad is part of the Organization, so far the highest-ranked member that we know of. It certainly adds some flesh to the remark that one of Mr. Nakamura's henchman made to Hiro and Ando a few weeks ago, abut his boss being a man who understands power.

We also know that Claude was once Bennett's partner. But what "mutant" was he hiding from the Organization?

I'll withdraw my speculation that Mr. Linderman is part of the Organization. I believe Linderman knows about "mutants," and has at least some idea of what Niki/Jessica can do - and for this reason he can't be with that outfit. The Organization would never let someone like her running loose if it knew about her. Linderman has an agenda of his own, and Niki/Jessica, if nothing else, is a reliable assassin. The previews for next week say that we'll finally see his face, and show that he has white hair and a white beard. Sounds like Burt Reynolds to me - he's perfect for the role of a Las Vegas mobster.

The big winners this week are Claire and Parkman. Despite the ordeal and now going into seclusion, she is now safer from the Sylar threat than she's ever been under The Haitian's care. Parkman now knows about the Organization, and has the opportunity for the undercover operation of a lifetime. I don't think for a minute that he'll ever trust the organization, but he trusts Bennett. (Telepathy rocks.) I can see those two teaming up, and without the Organization's knowledge working with Hana once Parkman mediates between her and Bennett. If Sprague's fate is a bone of contention - locking him up vs. letting him alone in the middle of nowhere where he can't nuke anyone - Hana may be willing to work with Bennett on a threat she currently knows nothing about: Sylar.

Per the preview for next week's episode, my prediction about Simone was at least partially right. Simone lives, but we'll have to tune in to find out how.

I'll make another prediction for a future episode: Sylar will eventually tangle with Jessica. That will be the smackdown of the year.

One other thought. It seems too coincidental that two brothers would have that same rare gene if they didn't inherit it from at least one parent; I suspect that the Petrellis' dad was a "mutant," and that such a revelation would shed some light on their dad's relationship with Linderman. It certainly does seem that two "mutants" will necessarily pass down the gene, if Micah and Claire are any indication.


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