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Friday, January 05, 2007

A New Political Quiz

It's at this site. I scored a 37, on a range of 0 (liberal) to 40 (conservative) - supposedly somewhere between Bob Dole and Ronald Reagan - see the graphic at the bottom of the quiz.

The score is not accurate, because some of the questions are flawed:

Question 2: Which do you trust more? This is actually five questions, one subquestion asking to choose between the executive and legislative branches. The answer will depend on who is staffing those branches. I picked the executive branch, and would have picked Dubya even if the GOP held Congress - he strikes me as less incompetent than the congressional Republicans. My answers over time:

  • Congress vs. Nixon - Congress by a nose (would be a tie without Watergate; both gave us bad domestic policy, both favored the Vietnam pullout)
  • Congress vs. Ford - Ford by a wide margin (Ford gave us the Helsinki Accords, tried to save Vietnam; Congress gave up on Vietnam)
  • Congress vs. Carter - tie (both gave us bad domestic policy; both clueless about foreign policy, especially reagrding incipient totalitarianism in Iran and Nicaragua
  • Congress vs. Reagan - Reagan by several parsecs (Reagan fought on the right side of the Cold War, fought for fiscal sobriety)
  • Congress vs. Bush 41 - Bush by a nose (moderates beat outright leftists any day)
  • Congress (Dem control) vs. Clinton - Congress (Congress rejected HillaryCare)
  • Congress (GOP control) vs. Clinton - Congress (Gingrich got some reforms early on; Republicans descended into incompetence after that, but stupid beats corrupt any day)
  • Congress (GOP control) vs. Bush 43 - tie (Bush spent like a Democrat, Congress let him)
  • Congress (Dem control) vs. Bush 43 - Bush (stupid beats corrupt any day)

Question 6: Which would do more to guarantee competitive elections? Choices are term limits and public financing. I don't approve of either, but the former will increase competitiveness once every four or six years when the incumbent is term-limited.

Question 8: 8. Do you see the ideal America as an ethnic "melting pot" in which religious, cultural and ethnic distinctions are blurred, or as a nation in which ethnically diverse groups ought to coexist while retaining their cultural identity? Actually, it's a mix of melting pot and multicultural society, not one or the other.

Question 11: In the long run, do you think we can reduce crime more by building more prisons or providing more financial assistance to rebuilding our inner cities? Selections are prisons, assistance, or both. The correct answer is neither. Increasing prisons does not increase deterrent, and crime is a moral and cultural phenomenon and not rooted in economic causes.

Update: Eugene Volokh has commentary.


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