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Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Democrat Promises

Liberal pundit Michael Kinsley has examined the Demcratic platform, and he is not impressed. Neither is Captain Ed (emphasis added):

In fact, as Kinsley notes, the Democrats have no plans for anything other than their normal asset redistributions to special-interest groups and selected victim classes. They want small businesses to shoulder the cost of a 50% health-care tax, which they think will solve the health-care crisis. It's more likely to start a small-business crisis as firms collapse under the weight of the new costs. Since the engine of economic growth lies in small businesses and start-ups, the effect will be to start a recession and to drive people into larger corporations for their investments. Instead of building a more robust middle class, the Democrats will remove competition and escalate centralization of economic power.

Also, Kinsley also discovers that for all of the talk about fiscal discipline and responsibility in this election cycle, the Democrats did not specify a single new revenue source for all of their new programs. They rail about the profligate Republicans, in an attempt to convince fiscal conservatives to consider the Democrats as their own "new direction", and talk a lot about "pay as you go" as the principle for budgeting. However, they leave the reader with no clue as to how the Democrats will find the money for all of their giveaways and redistributions ... which means that they have some tax increases that they don't want to mention.

The Democrats offer defeat, retreat, and an economic collapse darned near complete. Even Kinsley can't put a good face on this fiasco. No wonder Nancy Pelosi has been hiding for the last week.

During my lifetime [Update: at least not since LBJ's Great Society] the Dems in Congress have never controlled domestic entitlement spending, the single greatest factor behind the national debt, and rarely understand how the costs they impose on businesses and individuals depress the economy. If Dubya doesn't control spending, it's because fiscal conservatives do not have a House majority, and are thus too few in number to hold him accountable.

It's time to end the RINO/Democrat coalition that's strangling the budget. Vote conservative, or vote for the lesser of evils if a conservative isn't running in your Senate and Congress race.


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