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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

More Celebrity Global Warming rates the gaz-guzzling habits of a few notable Hollywood environmentalists. The biggest offender is Brad Pitt:

On the ground: Eco-champ Brad is yet another Prius-lover, and he reportedly has several hybrids in his stable.
In the air: Los Angeles/Namibia, 9,400 miles in a private jet.
Gas guzzled: 11,000 gallons of jet fuel.
Prius penance: Brad burned enough fuel to take a Prius to the moon.

Most commenters are irked by the story. Some like Herstory Girl accuse TMZ of hypocrisy, without knowing anything about the site staff's travel requirements:

Ummm... I wonder how much fuel TMZ and other papparazzi burn up chasing celebrities for these stupid stories?
Those who live in glass houses...

Web journalists and papparazzi can afford private jets? I'm in the wrong business...

Others argue the alleged unfairness of criticizing the unusual travel demands inmherent in the movie start business. Commenter Michael doesn't buy it:

As for the need for private jets...I flew business class from Ireland to Chicago, and sat just in front of a star of far greater magnitude than any mentioned in the article...Paul Newman. He was not only gracious to all who said hello to him, but was generally not bothered by anyone. The idea that a "star" needs to be secluded on a private jet is really more a reflection of a hyperextended ego than a need for privacy. Has anyone flown first class on an international flight? The cabin is secluded, the passengers need never interact with the main cabin, and all those believing they need privacy get it, whether needed or not. Here's to Leo for understanding what the substandard so called "stars" don't get.

Update: Personally, I don't bemoan the use of private jets for any peaceful purposes whatsoever. But it is hypocritical to preach the message that fossil fuel consumption causes global warming when one uses private jets to reach destinations available to commercial air traffic. If average citizens are supposed to economize on fuel consumption where possible, why not movie stars as well?

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